Friday, March 12, 2010

FASHION FAQ: White Before Memorial Day

Many of you have been waiting for my discussion of this topic, and I think this shoe is the perfect way to introduce it...


The answer is....sometimes! And it depends on what you are wearing!

Let's go through some basic "no's"
1. A white hat? NO!
2. White patent leather or leather shoes? NO!
3. White leather or patent leather anything? NO!

Special Circumstances:
1. A glaring white cardigan: ONLY on Easter, or Passover, or a big family holiday gathering, like a baptism, a graduation, etc., things that seem to happen in April and May.

The trick with wearing anything white before Memorial Day is that it can't be GLARING. You don't want someone to say "oh lord, look who's wearing white before Memorial Day." You just have to make sure whatever you are wearing doesn't invoke any thought except "she looks good."

These shoes are white, but you can start wearing them right now. They are not a "glaring" white, and they have some differentiation to them, so they are not fully white. Could you wear them in February? Nope. March? YOU'RE A GO!

They look so comfy and cute. I would wear them with jeans and a cute t-shirt, a sharf, and maybe a wrap sweater.

Made By: Bakers Shoes

Price: $39.99 (originally $49.99)


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