Friday, March 12, 2010

DEAL OF THE DAY: Contest Winner!

Hello fashionistas! It's time to announce the contest winner!

Let's recap this week's challenge:


There were only seven submissions this time (my guess is because this one was a BIT harder than finding a black mini-skirt!) So I'm only going to have a top two.

Coming in Second Place is....Lyndsey Cholak! For this dress from J.Crew.

This dress is an absolutely beautiful dress. Lyndsey did not win because it was not beautiful, but more because of two key things. First, I asked for a "day" dress, and even though this dress is cotton, it's on the fancier side. I would not wear this to shoot the sh*t with my friends. However, I am probably going to wear it to a wedding this summer :p And second, J. Crew describes the color as "dark periwinkle," but it's KIND OF bordering on lavender. So, beauty and style aside, this dress has to get second place.

Our winner of the contest is.....KATHLEEN HALE! For this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress

Here are the reasons I like it. First off, the geometric fabric overlay and the button detailing is very Marc Jacobs. Sometimes you pay a lot of money for a designer dress and it could have easily been found at Forever21. Here, I think the "Marc" elements are front and center and obvious.

Second, I love this blue. It doesn't look good on everyone, but it's bright and springy and probably would pair well with a big straw hat!

Third, it has pockets! And it's cotton! It's perfect for the day time.

CONGRATS TO KATHLEEN! Look for another contest next week! Thanks to all who participated!

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