Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All The Working Ladies

Do you have a black pencil skirt that you like to wear to the office? Pair this vibrant blue silk shirt with it for a sleek office look that is perfect for even the most conservative of offices.

I like bows on shirts for working ladies...there is nothing wrong with a powerful woman who wears clothing with feminine detailing!

Made By: Fred Flare

Price: $40

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Describe in three words or less.

Awesome Or Ugly?


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SPORTY SPECIAL: Beating Up The (Aqua) Beat!

Hola Fashionistas!

On Saturday mornings following wine-filled Friday eves, or on weeknights after a rough day at the office, I find very little to be more calming and refreshing than swimming laps in my gym’s outdoor pool. Swimming is a wonderful workout that strengthens and elongates nearly every muscle in the body with zero impact to your already stressed-out joints. My only issue with swimming, especially when in a pool rather than in open water, is that lap after lap after lap of staring at the black line on the pool’s floor can get a little monotonous.

Enter the “SwiM”P3. You heard that right; a waterproof MP3 player! I bought my first one a year and a half ago, when they were just coming to the market. Swimmers in the lanes next to mine would first give me a concerned “please don’t electrocute us all” look, and then, once assured of their safety, would follow up with “where did you get that wonderful device?!”

I am now on my second waterproof player, and am a full-fledged addict—two hours in the pool fly by when Jay-Z and Kenny Chesney are rockin’ me through every stroke. (Yes, I have “diverse” musical tastes.) My current device is the Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 player. It stores an impressive 250 MP3 files or 500 WMA files. One charge (via a cable to my laptop) usually lasts me a good three our four long swim sessions, and the device itself is quite small and affixes to the back of my goggle strap. There are basic player functions such as skipping forward or backward a song, and adjusting volume. The device also comes with a pair of decent waterproof headphones.

And now, is offering my beloved underwater rock-out device in pink for a mere $64.51. I have the black version…but I wish it was pink.

Now you too can butterfly to AFI and backstroke to BackStreet! (I can’t resist good deals and bad puns.)

Made By: Speedo

Found On:

Price: $64.51

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Turquoise.

I love the idea of colorful shoes for the Wedding Day. The ones above are cute, brightly colored, cruelty free (vegan, no animal products used in the making), and on sale.

If they made these in pink, I'd already have 2 pairs.

Made By: Beyond Skin
Price: £84.00 (originally £120.00)


I've Got My Eyes On You

This is a silly necklace for a silly mood day. I saw it and could not resist posting it. I also tried it on in the store, and it looks surprisingly chic when you put it on!

Made By: Forever21

Price: $3.80

A Seersucker For Embellishment

I just bought a white denim skirt, and I've been struggling to find a top that pairs well with it. You would think that everything would make white denim, and you would be wrong!

This seersucker strapless fancy top with embellishment is summer fancy. You can wear it by itself, or into the fall (and even next spring) with a black blazer. This top is so chic that you can roll out of bed, throw your hair in a bun, put on this top and still be 100% wonderful and ready to go!

Made By: Anthropologie

Price: $49.95 (originally $88.00)

Disposable Clothing

There is no way this shirt will be popular in, say, two or three years. But right's the hottest thing since sliced bread. This is the Forever21 special: the affordably priced shirt that won't be around forever, but will make you the trendiest person alive for a few months.

This is...disposable clothing. Embrace it! LOVE IT!

Made By: Forever21

Price: $12.90

One Piece At A Time

Not everyone has a body for a bikini, or feels comfortable in a bikini. That doesn't mean you can't find swimwear that is stylish and makes you look fab fab fab. The dark blue color will hide what you don't want to show while still bringing some color to your pool ensemble. And for ladies with a rack, this top will showcase your ladies to perfection.

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $39.99 (originally $78.00)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DESIGNER ALERT: Giuseppe Zanotti

I saw these sandals of the subway and became OBSESSED. First, they don't look like jellies. Second, the toe holder is so amazingly glam that you can't help but notice it's awesomeness if you're anywhere near it. Third, the girl wearing them told me that they are so comfortable she feels "barefoot." As someone who loves walking around barefoot, that review means a LOT.

Made By: Giuseppe Zanotti

Found At: DSW

Price: $174.94 (originally $425.00)

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

Filagree Spree

There is something so refined about this earring. It has a thai-esque feel to it. When you start to see a million earrings that kind of look similar, you want the ones that really jump out! These do that. These are defining earrings, ones that will really make a statement!

Made By: Sparkle Peach. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $18.00

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or ugly?


FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Good day, sunshine, Valentino!

Yellow is a wonderful summer wedding color. I love the dress above as a bridesmaid dress.

Your leading ladies can rock this Valentino (which happens to be 60% off) at your wedding and then for any spring/summer party they want to bring some designer flare to. Who says bridesmaid dresses can't be chic?

Made By: Valentino
Price: $238.11 (originally $595.00)


Let's Play Footie

Whether you are into this trend or not, you have to admit that this is a wonderful price for this shoe. That's leather! Not "leatherette." It's perfect for a mini skirt on a cool night, and it will work far into the fall. That's a lot of mileage for $40!

Made By: Steve Madden

Price: $41.99 (originally $79.95)

Stock Up On Stockings

I just biked to my boyfriend's house because it was too hot to walk. And I am doing a posting about stockings. I'm sorry, I could NOT resist not putting these up. Stand in front of your air conditioner and freeze your ass off if you have to, whatever you can do to imagine yourself wearing this phenomenal legwear. The complicated pattern is to die for, and patterned tights will be even hotter in the fall than last year.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $13.99

Mini Mini Mini

They call this bag a mini mini is it? Sadly, I do not know. But I DO know that even if it is the mini-est mini bag ever, it would be the perfect match for any outfit and any night where you don't intend to carry much more than your ID, some money, and your phone.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for shiny weaving.

Made By: Urban Outfitters

Price: $19.99 (originally $29.99)

Vibrant Summer

I have never been a huge fan of Shoshana, but everything she's done for summer 2010 has been kind of spectacular!

This green is that deep, vibrant, fresh green that evokes the heart of summer lushness. Throw in sophisticated tailoring details and that lovely summer eyelet and you have the perfect summer frock.

Made By: Shoshana

Found At: Saks

Price: $198.00 (originally $330.00)

Hair Sparkle

I spent about a half hour yesterday putting my hair up in this CRAZY bun. I must have used about 30 bobby pins. It came out looking great, but it was pretty casual. I think that the look would work in a fancy setting, but it would need some hair bling to give it that extra fancy "oomph."

This is that hair bling! Stick these pins in your hair anywhere you like (maybe one sweeping your side bangs to the right, and another thrown into the melee that is your bun.

Made By: Aldo

Price: $15.00

Monday, June 28, 2010


You will never go wrong with a bag that is a brown for all seasons.

Add some sparkle and shine glam to that bag, and you have just enough trendy to last through the next decade (that's right, glam is about to define the next ten years, so everybody should gear up!)

Made By: Furla

Found At: Bloomingdales

Price: $357.00 (originally $595.00)

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

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FRUGAL FIANCÉE: A donation has been made in your honor ...

Wedding favors are a unique oportunity to make a donation to your charity of choice in honor of your guests. You can make a donation and purchase some "donation favor" cards to put at each guests' seat to let them know what cause is close to your heart.

I know I'd rather know that money was donated in my honor than receive some sugared almonds or a heart-shaped candlestick holder. Some charities will even send you the donation chards for free with your donation.

Made By: The Knot
Price: $19.99 for 50


Let's All Go To Bermuda (Shorts)

I love white shorts, I really do. HOWEVER, all too often, they are see through and totally gross! For this reason, I always turn to denim when I want white shorts. You KNOW denim won't be see through!

These denim bermuda shorts are perfect for all those delightful tunics you've no doubt purchased in the past few months. You can also wear them with a polo for a more refined look. White denim, even cut off white denim, is dressier than regular denim, so you can pull off a very preppy look with these shorts if you want.

Made By: The Gap

Price: $39.99


Shoes and fun houses should generally have nothing in common...that's the first misstep this shoe made.

Spirals on a shoe are not stylish or interesting or creative. I drew spirals on my notebooks in middle school. I'm over it.

Putting black spirals on a white shoe? Reminds me of a trippy zebra.

Shame on you, Liz Claiborne! Please don't buy this.

Dark Blue With Flowers On Top

I love dresses under $20. Especially beautiful summer dresses with wonderful floral patterns!

It's going to be so so hot this week on the east coast...focus on dresses without sleeves!

I like the mid-waist cut on this dress, and the big tie bow to minimize your waist completely.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $19.80

Classy In Coral

Need a dress for a summer cocktail party but all you see in your closet is a sea of black? This coral dress is a chic and classy look with a summer appropriate color that makes it fit for the season. You probably can't see this from the photo, but there is embroidery detailing on the top of the dress. You'll also appreciate the sheerness for hot summer nights.

It's important to note that you can probably dress it down with a casual belt and leggings for an exciting night look.

Made By: Ruche

Price: $41.99

Friday, June 25, 2010

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GUYS BUYS: Night Fever

Not every suit is appropriate for nighttime activity. Your night suit has to be just a bit hipper than your standard office fare.

This gray suit is everything that is perfect about the "going out" suit. It's got flair, just a tiny bit of shine, and the light gray color will make you stand out in the darkest of bars and clubs. It's chic in a way your office suit can't be. While $450 may seem daunting, just remember that you'll probably get more mileage out of this than you realize. This is the type of thing where once you own it, you'll sport it all the time.

Made By: Express

Price (Altogether): About $450.00

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Awesome or Ugly?

I've seen quite a few bridal gowns that were short in the front, long in the back.


or Ugly?

Made By: Oleg Cassini



Black pumps. You can never have too many!

Come on..look down at your pumps...are they worn out? Be honest....yep, I thought so.

Made By: Macy's

Price: $58.00

BUDGET BELLE: Shiny Happy People

So we've talked about heat, humidity and frizzy hair - you know, just a few of the reasons we all love summer. Let me add one more thing to the list: oily skin. I know, I know - it's gross. You spend the time trying to look nice and then a few hours later you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice that not only has some of your make-up mysteriously disappeared, but your face has also become so shiny that you worry about blinding other people. I feel your pain.

There's no real way to combat "shiny face syndrome" (SFS), but you can try to minimize the damage. First, drink a lot of water - I'm talking more than the regular 6-8 glasses per day. The easiest way for me to do that is to carry an aluminum water bottle around with me. If you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. If you're dehydrated, your skin gets angry. You don't want angry skin.

Second, do NOT - I repeat, do NOT try to cover up SFS with more make-up. It's not a great idea to cover an already oily face with more make-up; the oil will absorb your make-up, sucking it into your pores, creating more dirt, debris and all-around gross stuff and make more oil. Yet another Catch-22. Now, you're probably wondering what the point of this post is if I'm telling you not to cover up your oil patches with make-up. There's a method the madness, folks. While you should NOT cover SFS with more-make-up, you can get rid of the oil and then re-apply. Slight deviation there.

How do you get rid of the oil? Oil-absorbing sheets. These little babies are magic. Take one sheet and blot it against your face. Your forehead, nose and chin are usually the oiliest parts of your face (T-zone), so I usually blot there first. Don't be afraid to use a second sheet to go over everything again to make sure you get as much excess oil as you can. Once you're shine-free, you can re-apply your make-up as needed.

I'm partial to the Clean & Clear brand, as I see no point in paying at least twice the price for one of the fancier brands at Sephora when they do the exact same thing. Go to the face wash/moisturizer aisle in your nearest drugstore and you should be able to find these near the Clean & Clear and Neutrogena brands. They come in a pocket-sized business-card-ish holder with about 50 sheets per box and run anywhere from $3-$5, depending on where you live.

Another piece of ammunition in the fight against summer havoc. Here you go, folks. Use it wisely (and often!)

Blue-Green Heaven

For years and years, I decorated everything in my various bedrooms and places of residence in green and blue.

GREEN AND BLUE! Beautiful! Peaceful! Bright, but classy!

This dress is a prime example of why I have fallen so hard for this color combo.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $74.99

The Key(hole) To My Heart

I always think it's funny that I buy so many white dresses in the summer, when really...I can only wear them for 3 months! Recently, I have tried to stem this bad habit, and instead buy white dresses that are a big more unique.

This one is chic and stylish, which a beautiful flower belt. It would be a great work look with a black blazer and black patent leather pumps. Then peel off that blazer, and go from the boardroom to a bar with just a quick switch of your shoes and jewelry!

Made By: Laundry By Shelli Segal

Found At: Lord & Taylor

Price: $132.14 (originally $235.00)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Sequins on a dress that has longer sleeves and is not a mini is a good way for someone who wants to stand out, but doesn't want to show a lot of skin. You don't need to bear it all to turn heads, and this dress does the trick.

Made By: Haute Hippie

Found On:

Price: $197 (originally $395.00)

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

ETSY: Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Flower clips make anything dressier. I highly suggest purchasing one in this color of ivory, as it will go with everything. Those colorful patterned summer dresses sometimes need accessorizing, and lots of jewelry is not always the way to go. Think about a hair clip that would match the dress, and bring out an added level of style! This one is particularly beautiful (and girly, but that's why I like it!)

Made By: Artisans A Go-Go. Visit the etsy store here.

Price: $10.00

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?


See It Through

There is something super sexy about see-through black.

Sure...this is just a t-shirt (how can it be sexy, you say???) When it's see through, it's automatically sexy! This is pretty versatile, too. You can put it over another dress that's not see through, or tuck it into a skirt, or wear it with shiny leggings. As with all American Apparel stuff, you get a lot of different looks packed into one shirt.

Made By: American Apparel

Price: $26.00

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Beachy keen.

It is hot today. Super hot. It reminds me of the wedding I just went to in Mexico where it was also oppressively hot. If you're having a destination wedding, why not wear a short dress?

I know I've plugged the tea-length dress before but, what can I say, I'm a fan of the style. Also, catching a little more breeze on a hot day can help keep you cool and collected for all those photos.

Made By: David's Bridal
Price:$249.00 (originally $299.00)

GUYS BUYS: The Hoodie Club

Yes, this hoodie is expensive. And honestly, there is definitely a subset of people who think anything over $50 is too much for a hoodie. Those people should stop

Those who DON'T think it's too much recognize that this hoodie isn't just a's a Steven Alan hoodie! Which means it's made really well, and it's stylish in a subdued sort of way, for the guy who kind of wants to stand out, but only a little bit.

It's so soft you will never want to take it off.

Made By: Steven Alan.

Price: $218.00 (originally $310.00)


Welcome to Thursday, fashionistas!

Did you wake up this morning and say to yourself, gee, I’d really like to do the Appalachian trail next month? Or perhaps trek in Yosemite for a week? Or even compete in an adventure race?

Well, first off, I want in! And second, here’s an awesome deal on a pack to stow your sleeping bag and all that bug repellant: a 37-Liter Gregory Arreba women’s technical pack.

This baby features stretch nylon “impregnated” with silicone so it won’t tear under pressure, has capacity for two large water reservoirs and hydration ports so you can get your H2O on, sports front and side mesh pockets to carry the wet clothes you waded through that river in (you will be wading through a river, won’t you?), and even dual ice axe loops, should an ice wall appear on that spur of the moment vacay of yours (always be prepared!).

To top it off, I find the lime green color just plain sexy. Even hotter? The markdown from $149 to $49.93. REI loves you and wants you to be happy :).

Made By: Gregory Areba

Found On:

Price: $49.93 (originally $149.00)

Get Along, Little Cowgirl

Something about this skirt gives just the right essence of country western cowgirl, without going past that to "yippee kay-o kay-ay!" (yes, i'm sure I just spelled that wrong.) Point is, ruffles are in. So is denim. It works, and it goes where you want it to go based on the pairing. Obviously if you throw it on with a plaid shirt, you know where you're going.

Made By: Anthropologie.

Price: $48.00 (originally $96.00)

Strike Up The Bandeau

I've been seeing those bandeau tops EVERYWHERE, and honestly, I could not figure out who in their right mind would wear one (unless you are 13, have no tummy, or you're some sort of perfect body model.) For the rest of us normal folk, it's a tough look to sport.

Then I saw this shirt with an almost completely open back. It clicked! THIS is what you wear the bandeau top with! And think about all the fun, colorful bandeau's you can pair with this white top. A perfect cool and airy look for a heat wave.

Made By: Hurley

Found On:

Price: $45.00

Clorox Works Wonders

White canvas shoes are an automatic winner for me because you can throw them in the laundry! My big issue with white shoes is how quickly they become...not so white. No such problem here!

The slanted buckle detailing takes the shoe to a step above casual, and will make your feet seem narrow (which, in turn, makes YOU seem narrow).

Made By: Aldo

Price: $19.98 (originally $30.00)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


If you look good in champagne...get ready, because this Calvin Klein can be yours!

This isn't just your average Calvin Klein...this is Calvin Klein collection. This is the kind of stuff you see on the Oscar red carpet! I am having trouble believing my eyes that this dress is under $500. It does not seem possible!

I think this is my best designer alert ever...if you buy it, you'll look and feel like a goddess when you wear it, I promise.

Made By: Calvin Klein

Found On:

$448.50 (originally $1,495.00)

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

Love Birds

Awwww....LOVE! This necklace makes me want to go out and hug somebody!

These are the cutest birds ever. I keep seeing them everywhere all of the sudden...I'm obsessed. This is just the first of'll be seeing more! I really love what the designer did here...the twig detailing is beautiful and unique.

Made By: Sparkle Peach. Visit the etsy store here.

Price: $26.00