Friday, May 28, 2010

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Deeply Discounted Nicole Miller Wedding Dress

If you need a wedding dress and you want a designer wedding dress at a good price, listen up. The owner of the Nicole Miller dress above is selling it and if you are interested, you should buy it.

The dress retails for $1600 and it was purchased at a trunk show. The dress has never been worn or tried on and still has the original tags attached. The bride who purchased this dress, ended up wearing a different (also beautiful) dress at her wedding. It is a size 6 (bridal 6).

Made By: Nicole Miller Check it Out (Find Dress HG0016 – Grace shirred reverse charmeuse gown)
Price: Originally $1600, Selling at a discount.

NEW FEATURE: Three Words Or Less

Hello fashionistas!

Welcome to a new feature....THREE WORDS OR LESS!

Use the comment space to write three words or less about the posted item.

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ModCloth called this dress the flash bulb fashionista dress. It makes sense, since it's fit for a starlet who is constantly being hounded by photogs.

If you're not too into the floral trend, this is a good way to step into the water without jumping off the diving board. This way, you're trendy, but rocking the trend in a way you feel comfortable doing.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $49.99

Long On Style

Maybe it's because I just had a long chat with someone about long dresses, but I gravitated toward this lovely tribal print halter the minute I saw it.

For someone who loves colors in the brown family, this dress will be especially appealing!

Also, I generally hate traditional halters, but these skinny strap halters that stem from the center...those I'm all about.

Made By: Love Of Dresses

Price: $27.00

The Top Of A Trend

I completely get the feeling that these sandals are sort of impractical. Why would you want MORE fabric covering up your foot on a hot day?

Well...I guess the only answer to that is that sometimes to be hot, you have to!

I like these the best of all the styles I've seen. It's leather, and it's a truly beautiful beige color. Plus, the bottom of the sandal looks comfy for walking.

Made By: Nine West

Price: $83.30 (originally $119.00) (you have to add it to your bag to see the discount)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GUYS BUYS: Stylish? Check!(ered)

It's time to buy some nice new summer dress shirts! Go for light colors that match the airy summer breezes and the summer mood you're HOPEFULLY in by now.

The shirt is made of pure Egyptian cotton twill...that sounds immensely luxurious, wouldn't you say?

Price: $74.00 (originally $148.00)

Queen Of The Rompers

In the romper world, this one takes the cake.

I have not one complaint about this romper. I love the interplay of the coral, ivory and black. I love the buttons on the shoulder. I love the diagonal line pattern. And the material appears to be silky and sexy. What is not to love about this truly delightful piece??

Made By: Fred Flare

Price: $48.00

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FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Flippy Floppies

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to dance in high-heels, especially 3 hours into dancing. Here is a solution for that problem for you and your guests:

Set out a basket of flip-flops in various sizes for your guests to use as "dancing shoes" which they can also take home as favors.

You can go pricey with this and have the flip-flops custom printed with your wedding date and names, or you can buy some cheapies from Old Navy and, if you want a personalized touch, tie the pairs together with a personalized ribbon displaying your wedding deets.

Shoes Made By: Old Navy
Price: $1.49-$2.50
Ribbons Made By: The Knot Shop
Price: $19.99 (Originally $39.95)

Sun Dresses-A-Plenty

You can never have too many sun dresses.


How much fun is it to look in your closet and see a ton of dresses just waiting to be worn??? And if you paid under $25 for each of them, that would probably make you smile, too!

Made By: Forever21

Price: $22.90

I Love Dahlias!


I really love dahlias, especially when I can wear them in my hair in a dressy ponytail!

I don't think I look particularly good with a high ponytail, so when I go pony, I try to do a low one with some sort of hair accent piece, exactly as the girl in the photo is doing here.

The beautiful ivory color of the hairpiece is the perfect neutral accent for a colorful outfit.

Made By: Every Day Fairytale. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $32.00

Get Your Summer Bag Fix

Sorry the picture is so small! Despite the smallness, I couldn't resist. This bag is TOO AMAZING! It's nice in the other colors, but in the white flowers on straw, it's mind blowing. In a way it's fancy and casual all at the same time (at least as fancy as you are going to get with a straw bag.) It's a perfect summer bag impulse buy if you're looking for a new summer bag fix!

Made By: Lord & Taylor

Price: $47.99 (originally $80.00)

Sunset Tank

I was immediately drawn to this shirt because it has all the colors of the sunset. All those beautiful reds, oranges, and even purples that seem to show up in the sunset of a hot summer night.

Even though it looks silky, it's actually a breathable cotton, so you won't sweat yourself silly in this shirt if the temp is past 75.

Made By: Urban Outfitters

Price: $28.00

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Knotty

Man, a lot of light-colored faux leather handbags look cheap. (I.e. the bad kind of cheap). Just because it didn't cost a lot doesn't mean it has to look that way!

I think the only reason this light colored faux leather bag is somehow exempted from this cheap category is the knot detailing. It's just enough "oomph" to make it a little less plain, a little bit more cooler, than your average bag. Also, judging from the size, it's perfect for women who need a bag to carry their entire life!

Made By: Mandee

Price: $24.00

The Prep Look For Less

Here's one for my preppy-inclined ladies...a plaid skirt! Just in time to be paired with any one of your vineyard vines polos!

What would you probably never guess? That this skirt is from...Old Navy! Looks like it's preppy enough to be from Ralph Lauren or J. Crew, but it's in fact an Old Navy skirt, which means it's a fraction of the price it would be at any of the aforementioned stores.

Style for less? YES YES YES!

Made By: Old Navy

Price: $17.99

The Artful Earring

Cobalt! My favorite!

But seriously, these earrings have more going for them than just being my favorite color in the whole wide world. They are hollow blown glass beads! With a slight stripe detailing! This is very different from just about everything out there right now in the jewelry/earring world. Perfect for casual or fancy.

Made By: Candy's Art Designs. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $11.00

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FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Birds of a Feather

Non-traditional cake toppers are all the rage and I think this one of two love-birds is really cute. Additionally they are hand made which adds an extra touch.

They look like they might just be saying "I love you" in bird speak. :)

Made By: Country Squirrels at Etsy
Price: $39.00


GUYS BUYS: A Summer Belt

Would I normally put jute on a belt? No. Did American Apparel do it to much success? Absolutely!

If you're not sure what "jute" is, it's kind of like a smoother hemp-like material that lacks the coarseness of hemp. The light color is perfect for a summer belt, especially if you are tired of all those dark leather belts you've worn all winter.

Made By: American Apparel

Price: $28.00

Moc My World

Oh moccasins, how I love thee!

Some would say "I didn't know moccasins were in style!" And to those people, I respond "me neither!" Nor do I care!

I saw a friend wearing white moccasins on Sunday and she reminded me of my never-ending moc love.

Moccasins are classic and comfy and always awesome. They may come into style, but they never go out.

If you're in need of a good, sturdy go-to summer shoe, you can't go wrong with a white moccasin. It will match everything! It will be your number one casual shoe!

Made By: Minnetonka

Found On:

Price: $44.99

Easy Breezy Tunic

Some spring and summer days will be chillier than others. For those days, it's best to throw on a nice tunic and some leggings.

I love the soft color and the sheer fabric of this ModCloth tunic. The lovely empire waist will give you some shape so you're not all sack-like.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $34.99

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SWEET AND PETITE: Buy This In A Hot Pink Second

I'm so into hot pink right now. I can't stop it. Who am I???? I'm not a hot pink girl! And yet there is something so captivating about the color. Maybe it's just because I never thought I could pull off hot pink, but then I tried and found out I could! IT'S INTOXICATING!

This form fitting hot pink dress is for those ladies who want to show off a little shape!

Cleavage? Check!

Booty? Check!

Trendy ruffle that doesn't go overboard? CHECK!

Made By: Chadwicks

Price: $69.99


Spiegel...just the other day I was singing your praises! But only to see...this???

Why are those sleeves so big?? WHY!

It's not even close to a regular poofy sleeve. It's some sort of super poof horror. It reminds me of the old-time clown costumes that had giant arm poofs. At least in those costumes the poof made sense! Who is buying this shirt? Women who want their arms to look...bigger? Yeah, cause those women exist.

Now, if you click through, you will see pictures of the model wearing the shirt with the sleeves tucked under. While this is BETTER, it's still not great. And the fact that Spiegel is highlighting this baloon clown way to wear the shirt front and center (instead of this much better tucked int style) makes this "What Were They Thinking" even more necessary.

Shame on you, Spiegel! Please Don't Buy This.

Cascading Beauty

Pearls + Orchids = Real Jewelry Love

I love the cascading pearls. There aren't so many that it looks overwhelming, or that it will weigh your ear down. Each pearl is artfully placed, all the while highlighting the starring orchid that is the centerpiece of the earring. The textured gold orchid matches the pearls so well that I have to find more styles that use this combo!

Made By: Blonde Chick Studio. Visit her Etsy page here.

Price: $40.00

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FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Double-Duty Bouquets

I confess that I get many of my wedding ideas from my friends who have had weddings over the past couple of years, and today's post is no exception. Above we have a bridal bouquet doing double-duty as an elegant centerpiece. Just stick that puppy in a tall vase and you are done.

This can be done with the other ceremony flowers as well, saving you money and still maintaining an elegant wedding look. If you really want to save, purchase your flowers in bulk from somewhere like Pro Flowers and assemble the bouquets yourself.

Made By: Pro Flowers
Price: $110 for 50 Calla Lilies vs. $180 for one bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere.

A Trendy Classic

Despite all the trends involved in this shoe, there is something so classic about them to justify spending $157.50 to make them your own. Yes, it's a little cagey. Yes, there is a wedge involved. And yet somehow....IT IS TIMELESS!

I love the beige color I have featured here. It's perfect for a variety of dresses whose colors are hard to match.

Made By: Modern Vintage

Found On:

Price: $157.50 (originally $225.00)

Picnic Frock

This dress is meant to go with a cheesburger and some potato salad at a summer BBQ.

I adore the colors. ADORE THEM! On a hot June day in the park, the colors of this dress will shine with the sun. All the beautiful colors of the rainbow that you're dying to sport once the temp creeps up.

The ruffle sealed the deal for me.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $19.90

DESIGNER ALERT: Blue Silky Marc Jacobs Perfection

From the picture, you might not realize that this skirt is textured silk! Despite the dark blues and blacks of the mesmerizing pattern, that silky goodness enables you to wear this skirt on any summer night of your choice, as well as in the winter months.

This skirt screams boardroom-to-bar (it's just long enough to receive this distinction, and remember that the model is 6 ft tall!) Just change the top and the mood of your outfit will change as well!

Made By: Marc Jacobs

Found At: Saks

Price: $238.80 (originally $398.00)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sleek Stomper

Let's state the obvious: most cage/t-strap sandals are not appropriate for a variety of functions (cocktail parties, weddings, charity balls, etc.) However, there is a special subset of shoes that are of the uber-hot cage/t-strap sandal trend that can be born to these oh-so-classy functions.

This pair from Guess is perfect for such occasions. The black patent leather makes them sufficiently dressy. Then, instead of blinging the shoe out with various studs, rhinestones and unnecessary straps, Guess streamlines the trend for a sleek and stylish t-strap look.

Fully appropriate for all things classy!

Made By: Guess

Price: $59.99 (originally $90.00)

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GUYS BUYS: How Muscle-y

Fashionistas, I play a lot of poker. It's pretty much my favorite thing to do, hence my frequent trips to Las Vegas.

There aren't a lot of ladies at the poker table, so I spent my day generally analyzing men's fashion. My favorite outfit that I saw the entire time was a guy who was wearing Bermuda shorts and a gray muscle tank like this one. It's a good look for a hot day, and boy was it hot in Vegas! (91 degrees!)

Add to this style a price of five bucks and this is a no brainer.

Made By: Old Navy

Price: $5.00

Ring Bling

Pretty much anything described as "oversized" these days I am all for. Rings are no exception!

Show off that bling with this crystal clear ring. It matches everything so you can't go wrong! Ann Taylor is probably the last place I expected to find this awesome piece of jewelry (which is perhaps why it's on sale!) Take advantage while you can!

Made By: Ann Taylor

Price: $29.99 (originally $48.00)

Harvest Your Crop (Tops)

A while back, I posted an awesome or ugly that got generally "awesome" comments that looked just like this shirt. The problem was that it was $148.00, which was just too much money for most folks to justify. affordable alternative!

I'm into crop tops. Let's all get into them! The one rule about crop tops, in my mind, is that you have to stay away from anything that evokes the 80s. These stripes don't evoke the decade of MTV, junk bonds and Reagan, so you're good to go!

Made By:

Price: $26.00

Casual From J. Crew

This is a wildly casual dress for J. Crew. I often feel that J. Crew only has three speeds with dresses: 1) Preppy, 2) formal and 3) super casual (think beach wear). To find a dress that is just "casual," perfect for a weekend afternoon, is often impossible at J. Crew.

But maybe they are changing things up! Maybe it's a new era? We shall see J. Crew!

This dress can also be worn as a halter, so for you ladies who need more support, you can still wear this dress!

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $59.99 (originally $78.00)

Party In The Afternoon

It's hard to host parties.

I love being the host, don't get me wrong, but inevitably it turns out that I am working the entire party, making sure everyone is happy, has drinks, is mingling, making sure there is enough food, etc.

The LAST thing I want to worry about is what I'm wearing!

For any sort of day party you throw, this dress is a great option. It's simple, it looks comfortable, and you'll look great in it. I love the collar detail as well (how Mad Men!) Don't forget your pearls.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $52.99

Friday, May 21, 2010

GUEST POST: Addicted to Studs

While I have gone through a big earring phase, I currently adore teensy studs. I love the subtle speck of sparkle studs can add to an ensemble. They add a dainty, feminine touch, and one cannot never collect enough!

Forever21 is satisfying my craving for shine with 9 (NINE!!!) sets of colorful rhinestone studs for $3.80. My mind has been blown. That is 42 cents per earring set. UNREAL. They have three color sets available, but my favorite is the "clear" collection pictured above.

Made by: Forever21, Price: $3.80, BUY IT

Posted by Valerie Miller

GUEST POST: Awesome or Ugly?

Is this top cutting edge? Gorgeous with a pencil skirt? Or does it look like something the Power Rangers donated to the Salvation Army?

Made by: Sparkle & Fade, Price: $14.99, BUY IT

Posted by Valerie Miller

BUDGET BELLE: Band Together!

This isn't going to be a typical beauty post about make-up or hair products or some new way to get a "I just rolled out of bed with amazing Gisele-like hair" look. I don't even know if this would be considered a conventional beauty item. However, I love it, it's made my life easier and I figured I should share it with all of you so you can love it as well.

Backstory: I'm a runner. I love lacing up my running shoes, loading my iPod with a new podcast or playlist and going for a nice long run. I enter races from time to time and it was at a race expo where I found one of my newest favorite items. Bondi Bands. Bondi bands are amazing headbands that wick away sweat and, bonus point, you don't have to keep re-adjusting the headband!! This is huge, people. Trust me, I've tried every "sport" headband on the market and I always have to re-adjust the headband mid-run - strike one. Also, I've noticed that the other brands leave me with this weird bump of hair where the headband was - not the easiest thing to try to fix when you're trying to make it to work on time. Overall, not impressed.

I figured I'd give one of the Bondi bands a try and, lo and behold, the headband stayed on AND it didn't leave behind a weird impression on my hair - i.e., no weird hair bump! I think it's the fact that the Bondi band is a little wider than conventional headbands and doesn't have any of those weird rubber "grip" things that try to adhere to your hair. No having to readjust to keep my hair out of my eyes! No sweaty mess! Win.

I promptly went online and bought multiple headbands in a variety of colors and patterns. They run about $8 each (unless you buy more than 1, in which case you can get them cheaper with a promo code.) They have some with really cute symbols and amusing slogans - a few of my personal faves: "Git-Er-Done" and "Cheaper Than Therapy." Amen to that.

You can purchase Bondi bands online at

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Pop! Goes the Hair Pin.

I was in J. Crew the other day and I saw these great Satin Pop-Flower pins. They have a dual backing so they can be worn on clothing or in your hair and would be a great accent piece for brides, maids, or groom's lapel's.

Plus, they're on sale!

Made By: J. Crew
Price: $6.99 (originally $9.50)

GUEST POST: Beautiful Basic Ballet Flats

Sweet and practical, every girl needs at least one pair of ballet flats. Worn with skinny jeans or a summery dress, they always make me feel a bit like Audrey Hepburn (and who doesn't love that?).

I am obsessed with these affordable suede flats from Target, and just might own them in every available color. At the fabulous price of $19.99, I can afford to have them all! A bright pair of flats can be the perfect addition to make an ordinary outfit outstanding. I cannot get enough of the berry and green colors!

Made by: Target, Price: $19.99, BUY IT

Posted by Valerie Miller

GUEST POST: Diamond Girl

I adore this tongue-in-(chic!) diamond ring. Steven Shein has a great selection of cheeky rings that add sass to any ensemble. This rock is my everyday favorite, but keep your eye out for his collection of text rings (with wonderful words like RAD, BAD, ICE, LOVE, and GEM), too! They are awesome and addictive. Designs are lasercut and handmade in LA.

Made by: Steven Shein, Price: $19, BUY IT

Posted by Valerie Miller

GUEST POST: The Perfect V

The T-shirt is a major staple of any American woman's wardrobe. It can be dressed up, dressed down, and is always super comfy. Almost every major retailer has a few versions of the T-shirt...but most of them are unflattering and many are WAY overpriced. American Apparel stocked my favorite curve-accentuating V-Necks, until I discovered the superior T's at Victoria's Secret.

Super soft fabric, summery colors, and an ultra-flattering fit...these are all great, right? Making it even better is the sweet price of $9.99. STOCK UP, lovelies!

Made by: Victoria's Secret, Price: $9.99, BUY IT

Posted by Valerie Miller

GUEST POST: Sweet, Sturdy (+ Shimmery!) Totebag

I am a firm believer in tote bags. Being a busy city girl (PR goddess, actor, singer, dancer), I need to carry a lot of things around with me all day long.

Turning to the crafty minds at ETSY.COM, my tote bag dreams came true (times 15, at least! Bless that site). I am smitten with peacelovenpolkadots mini carpet bag. The bow keeps a potentially soccer-mom style bag looking sweet and fashionable. The fabric (did I mention this bag is available in A TON OF GORGEOUS FABRICS?!) in this case is elegant and professional enough to make it through the day and into the night. The size is perfection-- big enough for a folder, but not so big I feel like I am carrying luggage. Also: SO STURDY! This bag was made with upholstery fabric! Easy to clean and super strong. Is there a better bag in this world? I am not so sure.

Made by: peacelovenpolkadots on Etsy, Price: $20, BUY IT

Guest Posting by Valerie

Hello, divas! My name is Valerie, and while our Fashion Deal Diva is dancing + winning dollars in Vegas, I am contributing a few of my favorite bargains. Working in Fashion PR, I am exposed to an obscene amount of pretty things. Unfortunately, while I have a long long wish list, I also have a teeny tiny budget. I hope my posts help you keep the pretty while spending just a few pennies. XO.valerie

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Casual Officewear

One of my best (and most stylish) friends that I go shopping with a lot is always on the hunt for "work clothes." She happens to work at the coolest place ever where she can wear jeans and cute tops and fun shoes, while I am relegated to making gray, blue and black look exciting. She loves fun, colorful silk tops, and she wears them to work with jeans and a blazer or a cardigan.

For you ladies who, like my friend, work in cool places that allow this sort of super fashion to shine between 9 and 5, I give you this amazing ruffled tank from Anthropologie.

The ruffles are flattering and not overwhelming...just a subtle ruffle wave as you saunter to the break room for coffee, or stand waiting at the copy machine.

Made By: Anthropologie

Price: $49.95 (originally $98.00)

What's Worn In Vegas Apparently Shows Up On This Blog

Fashionistas, I'm going to VEGAS THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!

Fashion in Vegas requires a completely different guide. Specifically, I am referencing the clothing required to get into the clubs.

The shorter, the better!

The tighter, the better!

The shinier, the better!

I wear this dress to Pure, my favorite Vegas club. I bought it in blue, which I can't seem to find on the website, but I pair it with some awesome gold jewelry, and a pair of Sergio Rossi heels I found in DSW for (get ready for shock)...$75.

Would I ever wear this dress in NY? Yes! But I wear it differently (with a t-shirt over it and cowboy boots). It's just too much sexy otherwise...hehe.

ALSO: Free thong if you sign up for the AA newsletter!

Made By: American Apparel

Price: $38.00

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?


FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Paper Lanterns? Please Do.

I have seen many wonderful wedding photos that feature paper lanterns. The soft glow from the light always seems to "shine" on anyone in the picture and the lanterns make a lovely way to decorate any outdoor space, tent, or barn. [Confession: I really wish I was getting married in a barn.]

Fortunately, decorating with paper lanterns can be very cheap. You can get one just like the lantern feature above from the Paper Lantern Store for $0.80 (not a typo) and pick up one of their multiple-socket cords for around $14.00.

Made By: The Paper Lantern Store
Price: $0.80