Friday, April 30, 2010

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BUDGET BELLE: Scrub A Dub Dub - Part II

Last week we talked about exfoliating and my favorite, St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Well, now that you've buffed your skin silky smooth you'll want to keep it that way, right? Of course you do - allow me to introduce you to the next staple of your beauty routine: Moisturizing.

Once you've sloughed all of that dead skin off, you want to keep that fresh, healthy skin soft and smooth by moisturizing it with body lotion. I think this step is most effective straight out of the shower - as soon as you towel dry, start applying body lotion to seal in all of that moisture before the cold, dry air hits your skin. I like to use Nivea body lotion. I love the scent (I'm not a fan of smelling like food or flowers) and the lotion is loaded with vitamins and shea butter, making my skin incredibly soft. A large bottle of body lotion is usually under $10 and can last you at least two months with everyday use.

Goodbye dry, dull winter skin - hello sundresses!

GUYS BUYS: Boxer Shorts

I'm entering new territory's underwear.

I conferred with several gentlemen, and they told me that, for Boxer's, Vineyard Vines takes the cake for style, comfort, durability etc. (next week there will be a separate post on boxer briefs, GET EXCITED!)

These boxer's have mermaids on them! Super awesome.

You may be thinking "'s just underwear, no one really ever sees it except my girlfriend/my mother/me.) I disagree! Let's look at all the times people will see your underwear:

1. At the laundromat. Yes, I'm judging you based on your underwear as we sit and watch the spin cycle.
2. When you bend over. Yep, I usually won't see crack, but I'll see the waistband of your boxers, at least! Potentially more depending on where you wear your pants.
3. Here's the obvious...a hook up. It's a first impression on underwear...don't you want that impression to be good?

I acknowledge that $24.50 per pair of boxers is maybe more than you want to spend, and if that's the case, I suggest you also check out Century 21 or Bloomingdales for good Vineyard Vines boxer sales!

Made By: Vineyard Vines

Price: $24.50

Princess Of Style

It's not the first time I'm posting shell-themed jewelry, and it won't be the last!

I think Forever21 generally succeeds when it dabbles with white-on-gold jewelry combinations. Most of their jewelry looks cheap...but this, THIS has some substance! This is especially perfect for a textured white dress, or even a patterned dress where the dominant color is white (I hope that makes sense!)

Made By: Forever21

Price: $9.80

Pulling Them Off

I think some people can pull this sandal off, and some people can't. It depends on what else you wear. Do you wear a lot of jewelry? Are you generally into more embellishment than less? It's no crime to be that way (I am definitely into accessories!), it's just that you can't do that while wearing this shoe.

You have to make sure to go understated on top here, so that the sandals can be the star. I'm thinking khakis Bermuda shorts, and a white linen top with big black sunglasses.

Price: $49.98 (originally $70.00)

A New Classic

Oh My Polkadots!

I love the keyhole with the ruffle...such an interesting take on a traditional design element!

I think this dress might be a better choice for longer-waisted ladies, so keep that in mind.

This dress could easily be sold for $150 so I ESPECIALLY love the price!

Price: $47.99

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Favorite Dress

Fashionistas, favorite dress.

I couldn't get the picture to work for the color I have it in (the purple), but I have worn this dress everywhere for the past four months. What I feel for this dress goes WAY past love. It is the dress that looks good, no matter what, and works for every occasion, no matter what.

It looks absolutely horrible on the model because it needs a belt. Once that belt is on there though, it becomes....SUPER DRESS!

It's sexiness comes from the fact that you are not showing a whole lot, but you are showing off your legs, and a little bit of cleavage (you shouldn't button the buttons all the way).

I will also point out that I bought this dress with two other girls, who also bought the same dress in different colors. It's magical! It fits everybody, I swear!

Made By: Silence & Noise

Found At: Urban Outfitters

Price: $58.00


Grecian Goddess Goodness

I looked at this dress for a long time before I decided that I liked it.

It's missing some bracelets, a necklace and some earrings. It's a relatively plain dress, and the beauty of it comes from its simplicity...but you have to dress this baby up with some jewels, stat! I like the draping the end, when you look at it over and over again, you just kind of fall in love with the intrigue!

Made By: Black Halo

Found On:

Price: $207.00 (originally $345.00)

Summer Sunset Ring

As you probably well know if you are a reader of this blog, I rarely post rings. I'm just not a ring person. I wore one ring my entire life, an aquamarine given to me by my great-grandmother.

But sometimes....sometimes...I like a ring. And this ring has done it. I would actually buy, and wear, this ring. It's the color of a sunset. Can't you just imagine this ring glistening in the sun of a sunset? I can! Plus its swarovski so you know you're getting the best.

Made By: Leela Bijou. Visit her Etsy store here.

Price: $40.00

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?


Lazy Saturday Afternoon

When I have a Saturday where I don't have to work, I become ridiculously giddy. I put on a cute dress, and plan my day full of frivolous activities, like shopping, reading trashy magazines while I get my nails done, and sipping sangria with a good friend or two in my wonderful neighborhood.

When I think of those Saturdays, I want to be wearing a dress like this one! It's casual, but still uber-cute. I'm pretty girly with my clothing, so I like the tiered ruffles and the flower pattern. The soft blue is perfect for a spring day!

Made By: Lulus

Price: $35.00

GUYS BUYS: Black Blazer

Standard issue black blazer. We're not going for anything over the top here. I'm just making sure you have the basics!

It's 100% wool and on a good sale.

One thing that should be noted is that there is no vent...SO, boys, if you have a big butt...pass on this blazer!

Made By: Versini

Found At: The Men's Warehouse

Price: $99.99 (originally $169.99)


Modern Elegance

This must be petal week in my mind because I keep posting stuff with petals!  No matter, it all looks great!

I really really really really REALLY love this necklace.  It's vintage and modern at the same time, such a wonderful balance!  I like that the strings of pearls are broken up and not directly strung together.  It makes a very big style difference, and I'm a fan of the result.

This necklace can go dressy or casual, it's what you make it!

Made By: Blonde Chick Studio.  Visit her Etsy store here.

Price: $32.00


BBQ Shoes

I am going to call these shoes the BBQ shoes, because they are perfect for a summer BBQ.  The plaid is bright and different, and the espadrille wedge immediately made me think of hamburgers on the grill and some freshly brewed iced tea.  Ah summer, can you just come now???

Made By: Target

Price: $19.99


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DESIGNER ALERT: The Cocktail Zone

Great dress for a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, or a school dance, or a spring cocktail party!

I tend to think that anything with a bubble hem (or even leaning in that direction) automatically makes whatever you are wearing dressier, so that element, plus the shiny of the fabric puts in squarely in the cocktail zone.  I love wearing dresses this color.  I think I probably own too many in this color, but at least I know what looks good on me!

Made By: Betsey Johnson

Price $236.00 (originally $338.00)


Pedal In Petals

In. Love.

Flip flops for $24 kind of make me cringe, but I really fell in love with these. They are flirty and fun and I love shoe embellishment, especially this petals-on-sandal look!

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $24


Style Element Harmony

Lately I have been getting a lot of compliments on my hair pieces. I am constantly wearing feather and rosette headbands and clips in my hair, and its a striking look that really differentiates me from the other ladies in the room. So I think I need to post more hair accessories here in an effort to give you a wider selection!

If you wear a lot of black and white, this is a fabulous pin to wear in your hair. There are so many elements here (netting, a rosette, feathers), and yet they are working in harmony. The designer figured out just the right amount of each so that they work in perfect harmony.

Made By: Ola's Dream World. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $7.90

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?



DESIGNER ALERT: A Handbag For All Seasons

I was having drinks with a friend Friday night, and she had the most awesome white bag. She rocked it no problem on an April Friday night, because it was a textured leather with a black outline, and thus could actually work in multiple seasons.

While this featured bag ins't white, I was on the hunt for something light that could be worn in all seasons, and I settled on this bag. Despite its cream color, I think it can even be worn in the winter. Chic style is always appropriate in any weather.

Made By: Kate Spade

Price: $175 (originally $358.00)

Dresses A Go-Go

This dress has the vintage look I am always searching for without smelling like moth balls!

Although it's got sleeves on the longer side, which really puts it into fall, and maybe even winter, I say buy it now and wait! Or hope that we have a few more cold days in spring? (PLEASE DON'T HOPE THAT!)

The front lace detailing is beautiful, and if you have the guts, I say you pair this with winter white knee high boots (yes, I'm going there!)

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $49.99


GUYS BUYS: A Little Luxury

I was sold on this sweater just from the description.

Silk and cotton...mmm....soft and luxurious! It's a perfect lightweight sweater for the spring (although don't wear a tie under it like the model...obviously that looks bad!)

Made By: Kenneth Cole

Price: $59.98 (originally $88.00)

Color Me Coral

I have never been a big fan of coral, but I am a VERY big fan of this necklace! Maybe it changed my mind forever???

I'm blown away by the color and the design. Depending on the color tones of your wardrobe, this could be your go-to every day necklace (mine is mostly in the brown family so the necklace would work on an every day level.)

Made By: Lotus Stone Jewelry. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $19.00

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Old School Oxford Style

Fashionistas, if this shoe was in my size, I would have immediately purchased it. I have so much love for these shoes its insane. I even like the pairing with the brown tights. Someone please buy these shoes, replicate this look, and send me a photo!!!!!!!

Made By: Free People

Price: $89.95 (originally $138.00)

The New Work-Wear Itch

I always find that with the change of season, I want a whole new bunch of work clothes. This usually turns out to be an expensive endeavor. So my goal is to get one or two really great work dresses for under $50 to satisfy the new clothes craving without maxing out by Mastercard.

Let's list why this dress is great for work:
1) The gray color is perfect for spring and summer officewear.

2) Cute skinny patent leather belt (who doesn't love a good belt??)

3) Long enough to be office appropriate without being so long your grandma would wear it.

4) A tiny sleeve is just enough to prevent that tank-top look some of these dresses have (and tanks may not be appropriate at every office.)

Made By: Style & Co.

Found At: Macy's

Price: $39.99

GUYS BUYS: Casual Footwear Style

I'm into finding men's casual shoes that are not sneakers. I like these because they're a neutral color, so they'll go with almost everything. They're still casually while also staying refined. You can be stylish in these shoes without having anyone realize that you're trying to be stylish.

Made By: Rocket Dog

Found At: DSW

Price: $54.94 (originally $80.00)

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?



For one very lucky petite gal in a size 8, you can have one of Nicole Miller's best dress designs for under $200.

I didn't even know Nicole Miller made petite dresses! This was very big news to me.

Nicole Miller has some dresses that are standards. She always carries them, no matter what. If you can find one on sale, definitely grab it while you can! This "standard" fits fabulously. I have encouraged multiple friends to buy this dress, and I've seen them in it, and they look FABULOUS!

Made By: Nicole Miller

Found At: Bloomingdales

Price: $198.00 (originally $330.00)


Jeez fashionistas, I feel like I am rolling out so many new features these days! But I keep thinking of them and then I have to bring it to execution immediately!

This newest feature is called "The Younger Set." I know I have some readers of my blog that are under 18, and I definitely have mom readers with teens, so this new feature will focus on jewelry, accessories and clothes for tweens and teens. Basically, the way I'm going to pick the stuff is if I look at it and say "oh man, I wish I had had this when I was 16." (Although it doesn't mean you can't buy this if you're 35.)

At sixteen I was OBSESSED with flowers. I drew them on everything, and they were on all my jewelry. At the time my obsession with purple hadn't been fully developed, but I wish I could go back in a time machine and say to my younger self "YOU LOOK BEST IN PURPLE! DON'T BE AFRAID OF IT! STOP WEARING PASTEL GREEN!"

These are a great pair of earrings...I love the color, and the flower is a cute element that doesn't overpower the Amethyst.

Made By: Capital City Crafts. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $20.00

TREND ALERT: Shoulder Bling

There is a trend I see coming of stuff on shoulders. I first noticed this when Samantha had some sort of ridiculous metal thing on the shoulders of a red jacket. Since Sex and the City starts trends like none other, immediately the designers rolled out shoulder bling items.

I am personally not 100% on board with this, but I do, in theory, like the idea of shoulder embellishment. So I say lets do it with some ruffles!

I own this shirt and I get a lot of compliments on how pretty and different it is. My one piece of advice is to go a size down (i.e. if you are normally a medium, get the small.)

Made By: Urban Outfitters

Price: $29.99 (originally $54.00)

It's Raining, It's Pouring, Don't Wear Something Boring

It's pouring outside (again), so all I can think about are stylish trench coats!

Don't wear a boring wool winter coat out in the'll look like a sad, soaked little puppy. Instead, invest in a stylish, chic trench coat to brave the harsh spring elements. I've spoken before about my love of the London Fog trench, and here it is in a great color at a great price.

Made By: London Fog

Found At: Macy's

Price: $89.99

Monday, April 26, 2010

GUYS BUYS: Nights In White Linen

When are you gonna need a white linen blazer? I don't know! But for this price, you should buy it, and then find an event to wear it to.

Linen is great for summer events because its so nice and lightweight! This is especially true for boys who sweat a lot and can't really handle wearing a jacket when it's past 70 degrees outside (you know who you are!)

Made By: Adolfo

Found On:

Price: $55.99

Anything But Boring

I needed a silver pendant necklace the other day, and everything I had was so...boring. I was forced to wear something {{GASP}} ordinary! It was a mess. So this week, expect to see a higher than usual amount of silver pendant necklaces, because I'm on the hunt!

I like this one because it has leaf tecture and design, but its in a rectangular shape. The play on the design adds an interesting element to the piece (i.e. NOT BORING!)

Made By: Anechksa Jewelry. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $10.00

Work Totes For Spring

Are you looking for a new work tote for spring/summer? I think the black/white combo is a striking and fashion forward look for the office, while still staying conservative and office appropriate. After all, it might not be cool to walk down the halls of your office in your bright purple alligator Michael Kors tote, ya know?

I don't think it could hold a laptop, but it looks practically perfect for everything else.

Made By: Audrey Brooke

Found At: DSW

Price: $99.95 (originally $158.00)

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?


Worked Its Way Into My Heart

This shoe ALMOST went into awesome or ugly, and if you think it's ugly, that's fine, I get that this is not everyone's style. But I started to like it, and then I started to imagine my foot in it, and then I started to want it, and now I'm posting about it. Way to work your way into my heart, little shoe!

It's just so...unique! You should have some fun, funky and unique pairs of shoes in your closet. These are perfect for a pair of black jeans or black and white leggings. Maybe even a white polka-dot sheer top, if you have it.

Made By: Aldo Shoes

Price: $29.98

Goldie Tank

There is nothing particularly "wow" or special about this tank. It's just a gold tank with a little bit of sparkle detail to wake up the tank top section of your wardrobe. It's an element that will take your casual ensembles to the next level!

As the weather gets warmer and warmer, and the jeans shorts trend becomes more and more obvious, this is a perfect pairing for those shorts, with maybe some big gold earrings.

Made By: Charlotte Russe

Price: $10.00

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING: I Can Ruin Clothing All By Myself

J. Crew recently put on sale for a whopping $79.99 their "Vintage Splattered Sweatshirt." It sounds just like it looks...they took a new item of clothing, and made it "vintage" by bleaching it, and then carefully splattered it with paint.

I'm not kidding about this...the description details all the "careful" things they did to this sweatshirt to make it "vintage."

I have an idea for J. Crew: how about you just sell a nice sweatshirt, and I'll make it "vintage" all on my own. I'll accidentally bleach it one day because that's what happens with sweatshirts. Then, because I don't care what happens to it once its bleached, I'll paint my room in it, and splatter paint all over it. And you know what the cost of all of that will be? Yep, free free free.

J. Crew, when you destroy clothing, you also destroy my chances of buying it.

Shame on you, J. Crew! Please don't buy this.

Meet My New Best Friend, Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is sort of becoming my new best friend.

Maybe its because I found a Marc Jacobs blazer in Beacons Closet a week ago and I can't stop wearing it?

I love this dress. LOVE. LOVE IT! It's the combo of the pattern and the cut. Just beautiful!

To be honest, maybe I'm not even sure why we weren't friends before. Has Marc changed? Have I changed? I remember there was one season of Marc by Marc Jacobs where I REALLY hated the handbags he made, and I cut him off then, forever. Well Marc, maybe I was wrong! Lets be friends! Want to grab a coffee? Oh you want a glass of wine? I should have known that, and I want a champagne. This is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Made By: MARC by Marc Jacobs

Found At: Bloomingdales

Price: $238.40 (originally $298.00)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cap It Off

New season, new hats!

Just because it's spring doesn't mean its not windy! If you need a cute new cap to protect your locks from the elements, consider this understated seersucker cap! It will basically go with everything in your wardrobe (those neutral tones scream "i'm compatible!")

Made By: Anthropologie

Price: $29.99 (originally $49.99)

GUYS BUYS: The Sports Shirt

Boys, you can't wear t-shirts under blazers all the time. Sometimes you need a dress shirt that is nicer than a t-shirt, or that wrinkled "nice" shirt you bought years ago at abercrombie or J. Crew, but less fancy than your Brooks Brothers suit shirt.

I guess Michael Kors calls this category of shirts the "sports shirts," but I just call them stylish. It's a good cut, a stylish gingham pattern, and its not too long so you can wear it out and never have to think about tucking it in.

Made By: Michael Kors

Found At: Saks

Price: $86.99 (originally $125.00)

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?



Let's take a little trip, folks. Wayyy back. February. Seems like a while ago we were all sno-pocalypsed, right? Bundled up inside, watching the winds howl and the snow whip past the windows. Cranking up those heaters and curling up with comfy blankets. Ah - winter.

Now that the weather's getting warmer, we're starting to put away those comfy sweaters and pull out the sundresses, skirts and tank tops. Sounds perfect, right? Not exactly. One little problem - along with snow, hot cocoa and marathons of your favorite guilty pleasure TV shows, winter brings along one more little thing: dry skin. That's right, those heaters and heavy blankets aren't too friendly on your skin and, come springtime, it shows. Yowza.

Fear not - this problem is easily solved. I have one word for you: Exfoliate.

That's right - at least once a week (or if you're a little OCD like me, every other day), you should exfoliate your skin. Scrubs, washcloths, fancy schmancy exfoliating machines (I'm looking at you Clarisonic - I love you!) - they'll all do the job. My favorite affordable and easy solution? St. Ives Apricot body scrub. That's right - good old St. Ives. One fairly large tub of this stuff is less than $10, smells divine and has enough tiny grains to buff your skin baby soft. A must before you start showing off that alabaster complexion.

Oh wait, that's just me.

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING: A Bad Trend Gone Horribly Wrong

I get that tribal is in. But not all tribal patterns belong on clothing and accessories.

To be honest, is this even....tribal? It looks like somthing you would make in a beginner arts and crafts class when you were 10. (That's right, I'm not even saying it came from the intermediates.)

They had a pile of these wallets in the store as you marched on to the register. I got to see it up close and personal, and let me assure you that the picture makes it look 100x better than it actually is. Yes, it's that bad.

Shame on you, Forever21! Please don't buy this.

Wedges Were Made For Standing Around

I posted a red and white dress a few days ago, and these shoes would be PERFECT for that dress!

I have to attend two graduations in May, and I know at least one of them is going to be on (GASP) grass. So I'll have to put my stilettos away and throw on a wedge. And I want a low heel because you end up standing FOREVER at graduations, as you take countless photos, wait for people to get diplomas, etc. It's all very lovely and yay people are graduating, while your feet scream (you b*tch, why didn't you plan ahead???)

Go with the wedge!

Made By: Kelly & Katie Castle

Found At: DSW

Price: $38.95 (originally $65.00)


This is the cutest bunny I have ever seen.

Look at him smiling at you! He's being friendly! Holding a flag! Maybe he's officiating a drag race later?

You will bring happiness to people who see you in that shirt because that bunny is an ambassador of happy!

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $24.99

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Someone Give This Skirt A Home

I did a double take when I saw this skirt. It looks WAY too nice and WAY too expensive to be in Forever21. And yet there it is, being cute as ever, just waiting for some nice girl to give it a home and take it to parties.

The material and the eyelet belt team up for a spring look that is stylish, yet sophisticated. Perhaps a bit on the preppy side? But that's my leaning anyway and you all know that already.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $19.80

Beautiful In Beige

I saw this in J. Crew this weekend and REALLY wanted to try it on, but they didn't have my size...hopefully they have yours in store or on line!

It's a great look for work in the summer. The material is lightweight, but its definitely still dressy enough for work. I love the jewels on the front because it adds that extra dressiness that I love in officewear (if you can get away with it!)

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $99.99 (originally $175.00)

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?



Have I told you that I normally hate Fendi?


I normally hate Fendi.

It's that ugly brown they use, AHHH! It seems to be on everything they do! It ruins everything! But their signature design in a beautiful white bag? I'm so smitten! Just didn't think it was possible for me to love a Fendi bag THIS much, but I guess it goes to show you that, in fashion, anything is possible!

Made By: Fendi

Found On:

Price: $276.00 (originally $345.00)

The Key To Being Stylish

You know what's really expensive? Tory Burch stuff. It's popular, and never seems to go on sale. But what if you really love it? And you'll do ANYTHING to have just one Tory Burch item become affordable.

Enter this super hot pink key holder! I know, I know, it's a key holder. But wallets and bags and shoes by Tory Burch are just way too expensive for the average gal. The key holder gives someone the chance to have a little designer in their life, and it lets you feel luxurious without breaking the bank.

Made By: Tory Burch

Found At: Bloomingdales

Price: $66.50 (originally $95.00)