Friday, January 29, 2010

An Elementary Theory

Most girls that pull a 9 to 5 in an office love anything by Theory. It's comfortable, chic, sophisticated and modern.

This shirt is a lovely subdued lavendar that is exactly what your drab office needs in terms of brightening! It hangs loose, but still hugs the shape in the right places. If your office is not formal, wear it out with black slacks and an embellished pearl necklace. If your office is a bit stuffy, tuck it into a black pencil skirt and throw on some traditional pearls.

Made By: Theory

Found On:

Price: $48.00 (originally $95.00)

BUDGET BELLE: Sayonara, Sulfates!

I can't commit to one brand of shampoo or conditioner. I've tried countless times, but the idea just doesn't seem to take. I honestly don't believe I'm cut out for that lifestyle. Let's face it - I will likely never be loyal to one brand.

I can't help but want to try every new beauty product out on the market. My bathroom is overloaded with half-full shampoo and conditioner bottles. (I fully maintain that one needs to rotate through different products in order to keep your hair shiny and healthy.) Regardless, I've come to settle on one golden rule of haircare products that I can stick to. No sulfates.

You probably have no idea what I'm talking about, but there's a method to the madness. Go check the label on your shampoo and conditioner. Do you see some form of "sulfate" on the ingredient list? Yeah, I thought you might. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is probably at the top of the list - it's the most common sulfate found in shampoo.

You're probably thinking "so what?" Well, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate causes hair to dry out, which means you'll probably use more conditioner to try to add moisture back into your locks. See those hard-earned dollars going down the drain along with the shampoo suds? I thought so.

The chemical is also known to cause color-treated hair to fade - again, more money spent in the salon chair getting those "natural" blonde highlights. Not to mention the fact that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can irritate your skin and, in the most drastic cases, even lead to hair loss. I'm rather fond of my hair, thank you very much.

Since I would rather not throw money (not to mention excess hair) down the drain, I only use sulfate-free hair products. That doesn't mean I have to spend a pretty penny to look pretty. You can find sulfate-free hair products at your nearest drugstore. One of the brands in my current rotation is L'Oreal's EverPure line of shampoos and conditioners. I've been using these products for about a year and have been really pleased with the results - shiny, healthy, color-rich hair. And at less than ten dollars, I'm sold.

So what if I can't commit . . . for right now I'm perfectly content to do as the song says and love the one I'm with.

Veiled Beauty

I have been waiting for Forever21 to put up a great hair piece that has a veil and today is the day!!!!

I love how we are heading towards this weird clash of fashion between the 40s and the 80s, which will result in some new hybrid fashion that people will then reference as (I guess?) the fashion of the 20-teens????

If you are interested in experimenting with veils, this is a fabulous piece to do it with, because there isn't a ton of embellishment, other than the bow. The veil can be the star, front and center, without a whole load of hoopla in your hair.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $8.80


Sergio Rossi Makes The Most Comfortable Shoes. Period.

I am well aware that $314.90 for a pair of shoes may not seem like a "deal," However, when they are made by Sergio Rossi, and were originally $795.00, it is absolutely, 100% the most awesome deal ever.

I go to Vegas a lot because I love to play poker and dance. I wear my Sergio Rossi jeweled sandals that I got on a CRAZY sale at DSW. It's like walking on air. Four hours later and I still don't have foot pain. Do you know why I don't have pain after hours upon hours of dancing? It's because Sergio Rossi knows how to make shoes that don't kill your feet! They are designed perfectly. What you get when you spend so much money on shoes is a completely different footwear experience. In my opinion, spending this money for comfort is totally worth it.

Also, you probably can't see it from the photo, but there is a snakeskin-esque embossed pattern on the shoe that makes it spiffier than your average sling-back Mary Jane. I really REALLY love this shoe, and it will go with anything!

Made By: Sergio Rossi

Found At: Nordstroms

Price: $314.90 (originally $795.00)

Take It To A Tailor

Ok, before you go "ew," this dress needs one major repair before I can actively advocate its purchase.

If you buy this dress, you MUST (I repeat, MUST) bring it to a tailor and either have the sleeves made into short sleeves, or get rid of them all together. Those long sleeves are KILLING this dress! And it's a shame, because the rest of the dress is a real knock out. The cross front highlights cleavage. The center middle gathering on the dress is a wonderful effect not only for your body shape, but for the pattern. I love the color!

And hey, while you're at the tailor, you could also get the bottom shortened if you like your stuff a bit shorter.

Made By: BCBG

Price: $79.00 (originally $158.00)

Rocker Clip

This hair clip (in my opinion) sums up everything that is happening right now in fashion. A return to 80's style elements, but with a softer, more feminine edge. Sophisticated, yet playful. I love the color combo, and the triangle shape of the leather pieces will be a great accent piece for any head!

The jewels add that sparkle glam element that seems to be everywhere these days.

I really REALLY like this designer's hair clips, so check out her other stuff!

Made By: ALYSSEV. Visit her etsy store here.

Price: $6.00

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Citrine Dream.

My favorite part about this bracelet is that each of the rondelles are different. No two are the same! That is precisely what you want out of a handmade bracelet. That "this didn't come off of a conveyor belt in a factory in China" look and feel.

The color is stunning and elegant. This bracelet can be worn either casually, or with a dress for a fancier event.

Made By: Underoak Studios. Visit her Etsy store here.

Price: $40.00

GUYS BUYS: Let's Blaze(r)

If you're a 40 Regular, today is your lucky day!

Brooks Brothers blazers are very well made, quality pieces. This is a great color for a sports coat. I like that it's two button, which is a bit more casual and young than a three button.

But seriously, even if you aren't, and you like this blazer, give the store a call...they will be HAPPY to find it for you.

Made By: Brooks Brothers

Price: $324.00 (originally $648.00)


The minute I finish writing this posting, I am going to call Saks to find these amazing Prada platform sandals.

It's so insanely rare that I see anything Prada under $500 that I felt like my eyes must have been playing tricks on me when I first saw this item. Clearly, it sold out online, so you're going to need to do some legwork to find it. But holy wow! What if you can find it? What a great addition to any shoe collection!

Since it's made by Prada, I guarantee you that these will be the most comfortable shoes ever. And how sleek! And chic! I'm in love!

Made By: Prada

Found On:

Price: $237.90 (originally $595.00)

The All-Purpose Black Patent Leather Flat

My relationship with Marc Jacobs has been on again, off again for years. Sometimes, his stuff really wows me. And at other times I'm either bored or disgusted (a couple of years back he made a purple and orange suede bag that should never have seen the light of day.)

But a plain black patent leather flat? Yeah, Marc executed this one well.

This shoe is also a good way to be a subdued label whore. It doesn't have the giant Tory Burch-esque bling of her flats, but Marc still makes sure to put his little Marc Jacobs label on the toe.

Made By: Marc Jacobs

Found On:

Price: $77.99 (originally $195.00)

Deeply Discounted Hanii Y Dress

I know it's sometimes annoying to look for sales in tiny boutiques, but often...that's where the best and deepest sales can be found.

Exhibit A: This beautiful Hanii Y dress!

Any time a dress that was over $500 is on sale for under $200, there should be a shopping celebration.

The pattern is a wonderfully busy element to the dress, but because of the darker colors, the showmanship of the dress is toned down. The gathering at the neck and the black break at the waist are great for highlighting the the best parts of a shape (i.e. cleavage and a teensy waist!)

This is a WONDERFUL boardroom-to-bar dress. Totally appropriate for work, and sexy enough for a night out.

Made By: Hanii Y

Found On: Zoe (

Price: $174.00 (originally $580.00)

Key(hole) To My Heart

You can never have too many ivory shirts and sweaters.

They go with EVERYTHING! They match that brown corduroy skirt. They always compliment a pair of jeans. Those wide-leg black trousers? Yep, it'll match them, too!

Here we have a slightly sheer, ivory keyhole sweater. This is perfect for spring. The sheerness of the sweater makes it flirtier than your average cashmere or merino, and what better way to welcome warmer weather than with some lighter fabrics?

Made By: Brooklyn Industries

Price: $24.99 (originally $64.00)

Embellished Beauty

What a beautifully embellished tank!

I am usually all about the heavily constructed form, but there is something very beautiful (and feminine) about this tank. The soft ivory color borders on an almost peachy hue that is likely compliment a variety of skin tones. you may not be able to see it from the photo, but the tank has darts on the side that pull in the fabric a bit, so it won't feel like you are wearing a sheet.

I think the embellishment speaks for itself. So many different pieces working in perfect harmony!

Made By: Anthropologie

Price: $69.95 (originally $148.00)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


NEWSFLASH: J.Crew is having a CRAZY sale where there is an extra 30% off everything already on sale! THEY'RE BEING CRAZY! They can't move their inventory, and guess who benefits? YOU!

This dress, once close to $300, is now under 100! I have five weddings to go to in 2010 and I need cute dresses that work for winter weddings. This baby does the trick!

That burgandy color is stunning!

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $84 (originally $269.99). Make sure you use the code "EXTRA30" at checkout.

I Love Insects

Ok so today must be "let's find deals on stuff Jax loves" day, because check out these dragonfly earrings for five dollars!!!!

Yes, I'm obsessed with dragonflies. Yes, I am obsessed with earrings! MATCH. MADE. IN. HEAVEN!

They're also not crazy big or overpowering, so people won't say "whoa that's a BIG dragonfly she's got hanging out of her ear!" I also like the light pink painted wings.

They are bzzzzzzzeautiful!

Made By: DGreggDSigns. Visit her etsy store here.

Price: $5.00


What I've learned in the past month is that men go ga-ga for ladies boots with buckles. I mean, go ga-ga for the ladies IN the boots with buckles :p I know I shouldn't buy boots with buckles just because a man thinks that boots with buckles are sexier but, oops, I'm doing it!

This shoe has the best of all worlds. Cute suede embellishment. That wonderful big buckle. And you can hop on that shootie bandwagon that everyone else is on!

Made By: Jones New York

Found On:

Price: $79.99

Cross My Heart

For those of you who read the blog on a regular basis, you know this is my favorite shade of blue. It works on me (a pale brunette), it works with every skin shade and hair color. It's a magical color!!!

I saw countless dresses at the Golden Globes that looked just like this spectacular jersey dress from BCBG. For under $200, you, too, can own a piece of Hollywood glamour!

I love the criss crossing. The minute you wear something with criss crossing, it is going to draw the eye to where the fabric crosses, and you will avoid highlighting bumps, flab, etc. Click the link to also check out the crossing on the back! Sometimes the sexiest part of a dress is a creative back.

Made By: BCBG

Price: $179.00 (originally $358.00)

Plainly Wonderful

This dress is simple. It's not trying to be the life of the party. It's not bright and colorful. So what's the appeal? The details!

Zoom in to see the beautiful silver buttons. Don't forget to check out the embroidered white front. I love that the plaid-bordering-on-gingham pattern is so subdued it almost appears to be a gray solid. Also, if you like dresses that are so short some would wear them as shirts, then this number has your name written all over it.

And for you taller ladies: this can be worn as a shirt!

Made By: Forever21

Price: $13.80

Friday, January 22, 2010

Honey, Do!

I have to make a confession. I rarely wear lipstick. I know, I know - how can someone who writes a weekly beauty column not use one of the most iconic symbols of beauty (or at least beauty products). I've been on the quest for the perfect, everyday flattering shade for quite some time now. You know what I'm talking about. The perfect color that makes your whole complexion brighten a little. The one that makes you feel beautiful. (Even on a Monday.) When you clearly did not get enough sleep last night and you have tons of work piling up on your desk, but dog gonnit you look GOOD. Yeah, that perfect color. I've been searching so long that I was pretty much ready to give up a few months ago.

Until I found it - Clinique's Almost Lipstick in "Black Honey." Don't worry, it's not as gothic as it sounds. In fact, it's a gorgeous dark plum shade that goes on incredibly sheer - just a hint of berry-ish color that looks a bit as if someone's been nibbling on your lips. The wonderful thing about this shade is that it's flattering on almost every skin tone. If you want a bit of a darker color, just layer on a little more until you get your perfect nibble-worthy look.

And the best part? The color stays on longer and keeps your lips moisturized - no need to apply a lip balm. Now my lipstick quest is over. Let the nibbling begin!

Made by: Clinique

Price: $14

Buy It

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Anklet

I never thought to wear an anklet that would look like it was part of my shoe. But BluffNY did! And it's brilliant, just brilliant. Who wouldn't want something that takes a shoe you already own and makes it into something completely new and sassy? Ankle straps are everywhere these days, and after seeing this anklet, you have to wonder why more are not made with embellishment!

Her shoes are also great, too.

Made By: Bluff NY

Price: $44.00

Orange You Glad You Bought This Dress

Say what you will about orange, I will love it forever!

The pattern is great, the color is vibrant, and I love the waist cinching. Plus, it has sleeves! I know I am guilty of putting strapless dress after strapless dress on here, but that's because I am not a big fan of sleeves on a dress unless they really work, and here they really work.

You can't see it in the photo, but the back actually has a small cut out that is both cute and sexy (I love the nexus of those two!)

This dress would go perfectly with a large white bead necklace and white bead stud earrings, but for a more fall or spring look, pair it with a brown jacket or a jean jacket.

If you put your hair up in a french twist, you will automatically have a very Mad Men look, which you might be going for!

Made By:

Price: $37.00

Pearl Party

When I first saw this Bracelet, I wasn't in love, but it quickly grew on me.

You all know my penchant for pearls, but even as a pearl traditionalist, I think every lady needs some embellished pearl necklaces and bracelets. My favorite part of the bracelet is actually the black bow. It's more than just your average black ribbon, and the pairing with the pearls and the purple crystals make it the perfect accessory for a hot black dress!

Made By: Ms Rios Originals. Visit her Etsy store here.

Price: $26.00

Audrey Hepburn-Esque

There is so so so SO much I love about this coat!

First, the cut. An a-line bottom that won't make you look like a pear!

Second, the collar and the sleeves. It has the details of an early 1960's coat, a fashion era I LOVE!

Third, the pattern. You can't wear it every day, or you will get sick of it. But what a great way to mix it up!

You'll feel like Audrey Hepburn in this coat :) Also, since when are coats in Anthropologie under $100? Thanks bad economy?

Made By: Anthropologie

Price: $99.95 (originally $228.00)

The Most Comfortable T-Shirt In The World

Have you ever tried on a J. Crew t-shirt? Probably not. I often pick them up and say "$50 for a t-shirt? You must be kidding me!"

Well, last time I was in J. Crew, the salesperson brought me in one of those overpriced tees and asked me to give it a chance. It was the most amazing t-shirt I had ever tried on. It felt like I was wearing nothing. Light in it's feel, but it still appropriately covered everything up (no see-through action.) But it was still $50! Not paying $50 for a t-shirt! Then I tried on another one that was $36.50. Still too much for a t-shirt!

ALAS! Those t-shirts have now gone on sale!

It you are big on comfort, I really can't advocate the J. Crew t-shirt enough. Buy one with a small embellishment and pair it with slacks and a blazer for a work look, or throw it on with jeans for a Sunday afternoon. I'm feeling cozier just thinking about this t-shirt!

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $19.99 (originally $36.50)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Butterly In The Sky (And Your Hair)

When you see a giant hair clip that features an insect, it could go either way.

You might put it in your hair and people will say "holy wow, that's ugly, she put a ____ in her hair, and it's gigantic!"


They could say "wow, that's really beautiful. I would never have thought to put ____ on a clip, but it really works."

I guarantee you that people will say the latter when you wear this beautiful gold butterfly clip. It's large, to be sure, but softly detailed, and beautifully crafted. It's more expensive than your average hair clip because it's more beautiful, and clearly better made, than your average hair clip. I would say this clip is best for long, straight hair that needs some large hair clip pazzaz.

Made By:

Price: $17.00

MAJOR DEAL ALERT: Boots for $30!

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Forever21 is making some kick ass choices for their shoes.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw they were just over $30. (UNREAL!)

The big cuffs on the boots are such a great detail. I almost always wear my jeans with boots, and having such a large cuff adds a very stylish spin on a ho hum weekend outfit. It's also a detail you wouldn't expect to find on a pair of $30 boots! Sorry, I can't get over the price. IT'S AMAZING!

I would be careful about pairing these boots with a skirt because, depending on the shape of the skirt, they might fight for the center of attention.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $30.80

I Wish It Was Warmer Here In NY

I wish I were in a place where I could wear these right now.

Like Mexico!

Or Vegas!

Or the Bahamas!

Instead, I'm in New York. It's cold, and I keep buying boots because that's what keeps me warm.

If you're in a place where you can wear these delightful sandals now, or maybe even a month, I urge you to buy them! Buy them for me! Buy them for women everywhere who are limited to boots and tights and long underwears!!!!

Also, please note: they may make you very tall, but since they are a platform, they will be WAY easier to walk in than a stiletto!

Made By: Steve Madden

Price: $54.98 (originally $109.95)

GUYS BUYS: A Different Kind Of Khaki

When you think khaki, you PROBABLY think beige/brown/camel colored pants.

However! There are also GRAY khakis. Gray khakis are the perfect pants for end of winter/beginning of spring. Not every day should be jeans day. Variety is the spice of life! So mix it up, and go for a pair of gray khakis!

I would suggest going to your local Gap to try these on, because Khakis are a hard thing to purchase online. Don't worry, though. The gray khakis will still be that fabulous online price in-store as well.

Made By: The Gap

Price: $24.99

Cotton Can Be Sexy

Even though this is a relatively casual and covered up dress, there is something super sexy about it. Perhaps it is because you're showing everything off, but in the tightness of the fabric (and not in, say, wide open cleavage or bare shoulders.)

My favorite part of the dress is the bell sleeves. If bell sleeves are done incorrectly, you could easily be saying "hello 1977!" Here they are done perfectly, on a dress that is fit for a modern cut and shape. Plus, if you have issues with the size of your arms, nothing will make them look skinnier than a bell sleeve!

Made By: Victoria's Secret

Price: $59.00

Sexy Mary Jane

I own these shoes, and I LOVE THEM! I bought them full price, and I don't regret that purchase for a minute. However, now that they are on sale, this buy is a NO BRAINER!

They go with everything. They dress up an outfit immediately! The slanted strap makes your usual Mary Jane into a sexy night shoe.

Did I mention they are super comfortable. I have spent entire days in these shoes and never once did I want to switch to my boots or flip flops.

Made By: Nine West

Price: $27.99 (originally $79.00)

Glittery Goodness

A skinny, glittery gold belt is the kind of item that, when you buy it, you say "oh lordy, when am I ever going to wear it," but six months later, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

What to wear this belt with:
1. An ivory turtle-neck sweater to glam up your average merino.
2. A red or green winter floral.
3. A going-out tunic shirt that needs some waist action.
4. A sweater dress that needs some waist action.
5. Jeans and a white t-shirt.

I could go on and on and on!!!! It will be your happy belt. The belt you put on to turn that frown upside down! (The price should make you smile, too).

Made By: Forever21

Price: $4.80

Friday, January 15, 2010

Amish Chic

I don't watch the show "Big Love," but I am well aware of clothing that evokes that super conservative style of the second wife, and I generally stay away from it.

However, there is a way to pull off what I would call "Amish Chic." It takes conservative clothing and puts a sexier spin on it. This shirt is a perfect example. The pattern and the sleeves are conservative, but the cute ruffle ads a modern spin. The sheerness of the shirt makes it sexy. Leave it out to create a casual, unrefined look. And never button all those buttons...let the cleavage show!

Made By: Brooklyn Industries

Price: $34.99 (originally $68.00)

GUYS BUYS: The Perfect Sweater

You can't go wrong with a Ralph Lauren V-Neck Sweater.

Would I necessarily pair it with the pants it is shown with in the picture? Probably not (unless you're into the super preppy, then I say go for it!) Should you pair it with dark Jeans, brown leather loafers, and a corduroy blazer? ABSOLUTELY! It's just a classic sweater. It has the horse on it, too. This is a winner.

Made By: Ralph Lauren

Price: $49.99 (originally $98.00)


Handmade wallet!

I have a wallet problem. I buy too many. I get sick of my wallets in a week, and need to switch it out. then I keep them in a rotation. For that reason, I try hard not to spend too much money on any one every day wallet.

This is a great price for a great wallet in a great pattern. No one else will have it because it's not being mass produced! Sure, these colors are a bit spring geared, but it's January a month and a half most of the U.S. will be experiencing spring weather!

Also, check out the super cute interior! A nice surprise you don't see coming!

Made By: Hands Full Creations. See the Etsy store here.

Price: $24.00

BUDGET BELLE: Oh Stop, I'm Blushing!

As a very fair-skinned brunette (read: incredibly pale), blush is my friend. One of those close friends with whom you interact on a daily basis. NARS Orgasm blush is like one of those friends you've known forever. The kind where you still manage to rack up serious phone bills, despite the fact that you see each other every day. The kind of friend gutsy enough to say - "No dear, yellow is not your color." And yet, she's completely right.

Ok, enough waxing poetic. I. love. this. blush.

I like to think of myself as a blush connoisseur. I've tried hundreds of different kinds of blushes. I was there when the blush mousse-like concoction was on the shelves (pass). I tried cheek stains (more on that later). Yes, I've tried my favorite drugstore brands as well. However, nothing lives up to the quality of the NARS Orgasm blush.

First of all, you've got to love that name - very clever marketing, NARS people. Second, the color is absolutely gorgeous. It's the perfect shade of peachy-pink, giving a naturally flushed glow. I have yet to find someone who can not pull off this color. Third, the quality is amazing. I've been working on the same compact of blush for almost a year now and the color is as rich as ever.

I know the pricetag looks a little much at first (it's a hefty $25 at Sephora), but this is honestly one of the products I use on a daily basis and it's still going strong in my make-up bag. Twenty-five dollars for a year's worth of perfectly flushed cheeks? Now that's a bargain.

Made By: NARS

Price: $25.00


P.S. The NARS Orgasm blush is NOT to be confused with the SUPER Orgasm blush. Now, while more intensity tends to be better with anything orgasm related, this is not one of those times. I find that the SUPER Orgasm blush has too much glitter for my taste, making it pretty much impossible to wear on a daily basis. And, quite frankly, I can't rationalize paying $25 for a blush I'll only wear on special occasions (where a tad bit of glitter can be acceptable).

Pencil It In

I heart high waisted pencil skirts!

They generally make everybody look good. Sometimes an a-line skirt can give you that horrible "pear-shaped" effect. But a pencil skirt keeps those curves in check!

Also, this skirt is good for "day-to-night." Actually, i am officially retiring that phrase. From this point forward, I will be saying "Board Room to Bar." Yes, that's much better.

Made By: INC for Macy's

Price: $59.99 (originally $79.99)

The Stunner

I love this color, and yet, I have a tremendous amount of difficult pairing it.

When I put it with a black dress, it seems too bright.

Sure, it pairs with white, but when am I wearing white anyway?

Then I realized that this necklace is SO beautiful that I would build outfits around it. I would find a patterned dress that had this color in it and buy it to showcase the necklace.

It's truly a stunning piece of jewelry. The aqua-stained glass tile effect is so different and interesting, the necklace is an immediate conversation piece. I like that the shape of it is almost a heart, but not. And that's what I see of the shape. Someone else might see a diamond! The necklace appears different to everyone, which is one of the greatest features about it.

Made By: JMG Jewel Design. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $39.50

Stylish In Any Weather

When I wake up and see rain hitting the window, the last thing on my mind is looking cute.

So take your mind out of the equation and buy stylish rain gear in advance!

Come on, you know how much it sucks to go out to a nice restaurant in the rain in....(now soaking feet in) pumps? In...bright red willies?

I think you could wear these rain boots with with a great dress and some fab jewelry and no one would blink an eye. While other ladies sit there uncomfortable with wet, cold feet, you'll be sitting pretty in your sparkly rainboots, looking more stylish than ever. You can also wear them in, and switch to a cuter pair of shoes once inside the restaurant.

I am going to try REALLY hard to find a matching umbrella.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $24.80

Catherine Malandrino!

I did a post recently about jersey dresses, so without repeating too much of what I wrote there, I will say that this is about the fanciest jersey dress out there right now. It's Catherine Malandrino! I love her dresses. Always flattering to a lady's figure.

The colors in this dress are very vibrant, and the pattern is great for going out at night. I like that it has a belt on it to bring definition to the waist, and the softer cowl-type neck is great for a variety of top shapes.

I'm a fan! And finding a Catherine Maladrino dress for under $200 is no small feat!

Made By: Catherine Malandrino

Found At: Bergdorf Goodman

Price: $198 (originally $395.00)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I don't think you can find a shoe in this style for this price. It just doesn't exist! I mean, for under $30? You will not find it, I guarantee you! This is definitely one of those January "WOW" sales that make you jump for joy!

I would pair this with a mini skirt and some crazy top! (jewels or lace or a big pattern). Or maybe even a mini dress in a tunic style. The shoes are a stylish anchor, so you can run wild with the other pieces!)

Made By: Steve Madden

Price: $29.98 (originally $59.95)

Sale Away On The Deep Blue Bag

I saw this bag on my field trip to Urban last weekend, and I REALLY wanted to buy it. But at $68.00 I said "no way." You can imagine my happiness when I saw that it was on sale online!

I like this bag because it is very large and holds a lot, but it doesn't seem like a super-oversized tote. I'm also on a blue leather kick, and I'm embracing the style.

I know the model is wearing it with a longer strap, but it comes with a shorter strap that I prefer

Made By: Urban Outfitters

Price: $39.99 (originally $68.00)

GUYS BUYS: The Authentic Jean

The Gap makes good jeans. They're not perfect. They're not the most super stylish pants you'll ever own. But they're solid! And they'll make you look good!

The Gap Authentic jean is like a second cousin to the Levi skinny. It's a low waist with a skinny leg, but then it goes straight at the bottom. this gives you the lengthy look of skinny jeans, but the mental comfort of a straight jean. It combines the best of both!

Made By: Gap

Price: $54.50

Put It In Your Pocket

How many tiny purses do you have? How many tiny wallets do you have? Yep...the numbers just don't match up. All too often I throw my credit cards, some cash and a driver's license into my tiny purse and it's just a big old mess. What I need is an equally tiny wallet that is still super cute and holds everything I need.

Enter...the Knightsbridge Lisa! The super cute tiny wallet from Kate Spade that is now on super "buy me in January" sale! I personally was partial to the green, but that color sold out online.

Made By: Kate Spade

Price: $102.75 (originally $195) (it's actually $135 but another 25% comes off when you put it in your cart)

Big Red

I don't really know what these earrings are, but I know I like them! (it's apparently called "Fused Dichroic Glass")

It's a wonderful color red, and it would work on almost any skin tone and any hair color. I like the engraved pattern on the earrings, and if you wear them during the day it would definitely be noticeable.

Made by Luv2Have. Visit their Etsy shop here.

Price: $16.00

The Wonderful World Of Winter Florals

I think that no one bought this dress because it's a very loud pattern. I don't think that a loud pattern is inherently bad, but people see this dress and think either "it's just too much" or "it wouldn't look good on me" or "I have no idea how to wear it." Honestly, all of that is normal to think!

Let's focus on the good!
1. It's a beautiful myriad of burgandies and browns
2. Florals are very "in" right now, and I personally like the darker winter florals, because a winter floral that works is very hard to find.
3. I love the giant bow!

I really like this dress, and if you pair it with simple gold jewelry and a gold or black peep-toe pump, I think you'd look like a million bucks. A lot of fashion is stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance!

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $89.99 (down from $250.00)

The Perfect Spring Dress

Sure, it's January. Sure, it's below freezing outside. But hey! You can never have too many nice weather casual dresses!

The problem with Forever21 is that when it actually gets nice out and you want to buy this dress, it won't be there anymore. It's there NOW. So even though you are wearing boots and a scarf and mittens, think warm and get this dress!

Made By: Forever 21

Price: $19.80 (UNDER $20!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GUYS BUYS: The Gentleman In The Velvet Blazer

A lot of guys probably see a Velvet Blazer and say "nah, that's not for me."

Well you are WRONG! It is for you! You just have to make sure you are buying the *right* velvet blazer.

To be safe, here are some rules:
1. Stay away from any velvet that is not brown or black. I don't know why, but velvet blazers in other colors just won't make you look as good as a dark brown or black velvet blazer will.

2. No weird designs or embellishments. I.e., don't pick up a velvet pinstripe blazer.

3. Wear a collared button down shirt underneath it that has a pattern. If you wear a solid, you will scream "HELLO! MY NAME IS ____ AND I'M WEARING A VELVET BLAZER!" And the whole point of this is for no one to even notice that your blazer is velvet. Stick with gingham or a thin pinstripe.

4. Say to yourself "if this blazer wasn't velvet, would I buy it?"

You don't have to follow these rules. This is just a jumping off point for those boys who are a bit hesitant to enter the world of velvet. If you do it right, more than one lady will notice, and who doesn't like to get noticed by some stylish ladies?

Made By: Banana Republic

Price: $99.99 (originally $250.00)

Hobo Glam

I initially found this bag for my sister after she requested that I find her a "cool black bag that could hold a lot of stuff, but wasn't too big." She opened the bag on Christmas morning and loved it!

Having seen it up close, one of the greatest features is that you can rub the sequins to create a silver or black effect, changing the color (and the character) of the bag.

Most people don't think to go to Aldo for bags, but they are just so awesome! Consistently wonderful stuff!

Made By: Aldo

Price: $34.98 (originally $45.00)

Glitzy Afternoon Glam

In case you did not know, this is my favorite color in the world. That brilliant blue that hits your eye and almost knocks you over! I'm all about big jewel earrings right now, so the combo of blue + jewels is just pure gold.
A lot of you think that these earrings can only be worn for fancy stuff. I say, NO! Wear them with a t-shirt! They are AWESOME! Don't stuff them in a jewelry box to be worn at a yet to be announced later date. Let them shine! At the supermarket! At the laundromat! When you walk your dog in sweatpants!
Made By: Lara Lewis. Visit her Etsy store here.
Price: $27.00

Party Skirt!

It's January. The month is blahhhh. It's cold. It's sad. The holidays are over and you are on one big downer!

This is when you need fun pieces of clothing the most! To cheer you up! Throw on this skirt and you'll feel happier the minute it hits your hips. It's a bright, fun color, and the silver dot detailing means you'll be just a tad bit shinier than the rest of the ladies in the room. Pair this with an ivory silk shirt tucked in and some wonderful gold jewelry and you're good to go!

Made By: Lauren Moffat

Found On:

Price: $99.95 (originally $188.00)