Friday, March 19, 2010

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING: Equestrian Style Gone Wrong

Yikes! There is a lot of bad going on here.

There is NO shape to the sweater. Just a big, long, shapeless wool sweater. The kind your grandma would knit for you. Definitely what you should wear if you want to look like you're wearing a sack.

Are those riding whips on the dress? Badly placed, indeed. It looks like they are cupping her breasts, but not really because the dress has no shape and so you can't see her breasts.

It's off the shoulder, so if you have boobs, don't bother trying to wear a non-strapless bra!

OH YEAH, and it's white ivory, and likely see through. What. A. Mess.

Shame on you, Kimberly Ovitz! Please don't buy this dress.

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