Friday, October 29, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Designer Alert - Thakoon

Let's drool over this blue Thakoon mini.

The water-colored inspired pattern and high-waisted consutrction make this the perfect dress for a high-end event where you can be a bit more edgy. The only one that comes to mind right now is the Grammy's, but I'm sure you get my drift.

Made By: Thakoon

Found On:

Price: $597.00 (originally $1,990.00)


More silky shells for under blazers and suits!

I like this particular silky, gray metallic top because it works for work and play alike. My ideal pairing for this outfit is an a-line mini skirt with a pair of purple tights, a black blazer, and a cute hat. Out on the town in metallics!

Made By: The Limited

Price: $19.99 (originally $49.00)

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Daily Etsy Spotlight

Here Ye, Here Ye! All come hither to see these earrings!

I am obsessed with family crests, so to see earrings that incorporate them into the style, I'm in love! The red and white coloring is good for any time, but especially wonderful considering the approaching Christmas season!

Made By: Tryst. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $25.00

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Awesome or Ugly?


Or Ugly?



I have started to turn the corner on short wedding dresses because I have seen many that do look fancy enough to be wedding dresses and short dresses are cheaper. See, e.g., Exhibit A, the above dress from Sue Wong. Whether this is your "cake cutting" dress or the one you walk down the aisle in, you'll be making a big fancy statement.

Made By: Sue Wong
Price: $388



It's T-Shirt tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

This shirt combines two of my favorite things - Jersey Shore and Sesame Street - into poking fun of something I enjoy poking fun at - Jersey! (If you're from New Jersey, I apologize for this posting.)

Made By: Pacific Sunwear

Price: $24.50

HALF OFF HOTTIE: Vroom Vroom Vroooooom

I strongly dislike motorcycles, so it comes as a surprise that I have actually started liking the motorcycle trend. It's edgy- unlike me (maybe that's why I like it? It's out of my comfort zone?) and different.

But surprisingly, once on, the motorcycle jacket works. And it can be mixed with classier bits- a pair of sophisticated cognac knee high boots, leggings, and a cross-shoulder bag. Outfit MADE!

Vanessa Hudgens looks gorgeous in this Catherine Malandrino motorcycle jacket. For a (much more) affordable alternative, try Steve Madden's Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

Steve Madden Jacket, Macy's, $83.99 (on sale!)



It's Friday, October 29th. You've left choosing a Halloween costume until now. What is a girl to do if they have to find a costume in 24 hours? I have the answer: you can be Snooki from the Jersey shore!

Everything you need is below. A short, tight animal print dress. A pair of very high-heeled black studded stilettos. And enough spray-on tan to give you that signature Snooki glow.

Don't forget hairspray and bobby pins to make the immediately recognizable Snooki poof!

Made By: Bakers

Price: $39.99

Made By: Wet Seal

Price: $24.50

Made By: L'Oreal

Price: $8.97


The BIG color in fashion these days is Navy. It made it's appearance in late August, and it has shown no signs of stopping - it's full design steam ahead!

This navy ModCloth one-shoulder dress, despite it's material, can go very dressy with the right jewelry. Think lots of big, bright and colorful jewels. That neckline is screaming for some bling!

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $57.99

Thursday, October 28, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Designer Alert - AG Adriano Goldschmid

I have a secret. I've been wearing the same pair of black pants almost every day. They are beyond comfortable. They feel amazing. And they make me look like the sexiest bitch this side of the Hudson.

These are those magical pants.

I bought them initially at Saks, but sadly, Saks doesn't have them available online, so you can buy the same magical pants at Revolve Clothing. They are jeggings, but they fit like real jeans. They have nice pockets on the butt, and they have a sateen feel that was what initially set them apart from the other jeggings.

They are worth every penny, and it says a lot that I have already asked my mother to buy me a second pair for Christmas (I myself cannot justify buying two pairs of the same pair of pants, but it doesn't mean she can't get them for me as a gift!)

Made By: AG Adriano Goldschmid

Found At: Revolve Clothing (online), or Saks (in store)

Price: $139.00


Teal. I'm a dark-haired brunette, and I love the way teal works with my brown hair and pale skin (it's getting paler every day that we move away from my beach days of the summer.) Forever 21 is a teal master! Every single item of teal clothing I own - every single one! - was made by Forever 21. They just have the color down. They know how to apply it to clothes where it works best.

I love this slightly sparkle teal slouchy sweater. Come to think of it, I'm really into the subtle sparkle this season. Woven into the sweater, the sparkle adds just an extra "oomph" that makes the sweater shine on the wearer.

Made By: Forever 21

Price: $22.80

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Daily Etsy Spotlight

The simplicity of this solitaire crystal necklace is its biggest selling point. It's just a crystal pendant, and yet it appears to be so much more. One of the reasons I like Lara Lewis' designs so much is because she is never overly ornate. She lets stones and crystals stand on their own. Sometimes editing and self-restraint are the most important qualities for a designer - Lara Lewis has them both.

Made By: Lara Lewis. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $42.00



Or Ugly?


FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Awesome Or Ugly?


or Ugly?

Let me know in the comments.



The slim-straight corduroy jean from Levis is maybe the quintessential pair of everyday casual pants. Buying them in graphite ensures that they'll match anything you throw on top, and no one can argue with the comfy feeling of a cord. In a slim-straight cut, they won't be too tight, which makes them appealing to a broader range of gentlemen.

Made By: Levis

Price: $59.50

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Button Button Who's Got The Button

Bright colored winter coat! On sale! Joy!

I love this neckline. founded with just a small cut out right in the center, perfect for pairing with an ivory scarf.

My favorite part of this coat are the buttons! They're hard to see in the picture, so you should be sure to click the link below to check them out using the zoom feature.

Made By: Anthropologie

Price: $199.00 (originally $398.00)

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Lumberjack Chic

This past weekend, I was on the subway and I saw someone in a red plaid shirt. Contrary to my prior thoughts on red plaid shirts (Paul Bunyan, anyone????), she looked great! She pulled it off with a light blue jean jacket and black pants with an amazing pair of gray booties. This girl's outfit rocked, and it inspired me to find an equally rockin' red plaid shirt.

In my searches, I found this shirt from Ruche. You really have to set aside your previous notions of red plaid shirts and understand that this look can be well done - in essence, you can wear "lumberjack chic", and take the style to a new level.

Made By: Ruche

Price: $36.99

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Stripes Can Be A Girl's Best Friend

My favorite winter dress finds are the ones that have long sleeves and are still smokin' hot. This sweater mini dress from Victoria's Secret is just one of those finds. While stripes may not be everyone's friend, if they happen to be yours, the colorblocking on this particular frock is really a marvel. The colorblocking is done right so that stripes CAN be your best friend!

Made By: Victoria's Secret

Price: $59.00 (originally $78.00)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


A dressy BCBG clutch for this price is a steal. You hear me? A STEAL!

I am very partial to the fringed edges of the bow. It's a risky design element that is a nice opposite to the potntially stuffiness of the satin.

Made By: BCBG

Found At: Nordstroms

Price: $64.90 (originally $98.00)


Last Friday, I went on a Forever 21 shopping spree. This bracelet was part of the purchase. I was standing on the line to check out, and then I saw it, glistening in a pile of the same jeweled bracelets. Forever 21 has a lot of different jeweled bracelet varieties, and I can safely say that this is the nicest of them all. The colors work very well together, and it's not gaudy. I can't explain why, but you have to put it on your wrist to really understand the power of this bracelet! In the meantime, trust me that it's 100% wonderful.

Made By: Forever 21

Price: $9.80

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Fashion Feature - Osborn Design

I first came into contact with Osborn handcrafted shoes when I saw them on the feet of my friend Juan. They're hard not to notice. Juan's shoes were colorful and whimsical. They also looked comfortable (Juan confirmed their comfort.)

As an obsessive shoe lover, I appreciate shoes as art in any form. Each pair of Osborn shoes are most definitely art. The featured patterns are unique and intriguing. The shoes come in few forms (ballet flat, oxford and bootie), which allows the patterns to remain the king of the style, while form is more for function.

What I didn't know when I first saw Juan's shoes was that the designer, Osborn Design, is more than just your average shoe manufacturer.

Each Osborn shoe is handmade by a cobbler located in Guatemala. Everything is vertically integrated, which means each pair of shoes is sweatshop free. So when you buy a pair of Osborns, you are supporting more than just great fashion: you're supporting ethical labor standards, and the valued work of an individual artisan who is seasoned in his or her trade. Your purchase also helps to keep these seasoned artisans employed (the whole reason Osborn started in the first place was because the founder met an out of work cobbler in the hard-hit Guatemala City.)

The price of the shoes run anywhere from $60.00 to $175.00. The price is well worth it to own something one of a kind, and to know that it was ethically made.

Check out their website at

FASHION DEAL DIVA: "Boo!"tique and Daily Etsy Spotlight

I have combined the "Boo!"tique with the Daily Etsy Spotlight after finding these fabulous skull earrings! This is an especially great buy for people who like to wear skull jewelry in general (yes, this fashion goes beyond Halloween!)

You could probably request a faster shipping to get them in time for Halloween, and since these earrings are only $12.00, paying more for shipping wouldn't break the bank!

Made By: Untamed Menagerie. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $12.00

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Awesome or Ugly?


Or Ugly?



Some guys have lots of sweaters that are low or moderately priced, and then some guys have 3 or 4 sweaters that are really expensive, but really nice, and they don't mind wearing those four sweaters a lot. For the boys in the latter category, I present to you this Steven Alan cardigan. In a cotton-cashmere blend, a serviceable navy color, and two large front pockets, this is the perfect winter sweater for the guy who doesn't like to stand out.

Made By: Steven Alan

Price: $178.00 (originally $254.00)

SPORTY SPECIAL: Buy me [The North Face] and Crackerjack….

Oh fashionistas, the air’s a bit crisper, the seasonal pumpkin spice latte flavors are on tap, and the Giants are in the World Series. All signs of the start of a glorious fall. Pull those scarves out of storage and find your next fireside novel; while you’re at it, nab one of these oh-so-toasty Denali jackets by North Face. This ubiquitous Polartec fleece remains a bestseller year after year for a reason: it’s a perfect combination of form and function. Stylish and warm, the Denali is ideal for both brisk morning hikes and mid-day financial district caffeine runs. Due to its popularity and quality, the Denali is rarely on sale. However, these discontinued colors (I’m hearting the Aurora Pink Heather) are currently being offered at half-off retail. That’s a homerun in anyone’s book.

Made By: The North Face

Found On:

Price: $82.48 (originally $164.95)


Dress rompers are the perfect pairing for a patterned tight. It lets the tights be the star, and gives you the freedom of movement you wish every outfit did. I think the winter romper is going to be all over the place this season, so buy it now before it sells out!

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $47.99

FASHION DEAL DIVA: A Bright Red Winter

I consider December and February to be "red" months (for obvious reasons), and this luxurious red ballet flat is perfect for these months. The red is such a rich color, and the suede gives it an earthy, rustic feel, like you want to pair them with tights and curl up near a fire in a cabin. Yes, my imagination just ran away!

Made By: Franco Sarto

Found At: Nordstroms

Price: $59.50 (originally $89.95)


My boyfriend is now on tour with his band, and with all this free time I now have, I have made a SERIOUS commitment to going to the gym every morning. What do you need for the gym every day? That's right, a super cute gym bag.

But even more than "cute" gym bag, you need a big one, that can easily be thrown in the wash! (Man, that thing gets smelly!) Nothing wears like denim, making this large denim tote from American Apparel an ideal gym bag, for it's size, style and washability.

Made By: American Apparel

Price: $58.00

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: All Dressed Up In Bows

I'm of the school of thought that bows automatically make anything fancier. When I look at this clutch, for me it's too fancy for just a night out. This needs to be a match to a cocktail dress for a charity event, or a wedding, or something that can accommodate the fancy that comes with putting satin bows on a clutch.

Made By: Aldo

Price: $19.98 (originally $40.00)

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Daily Etsy Spotlight

This designer makes jewelry out of used guitar parts. AMAZING! Very novel and interesting stuff! Up close, these earrings looks very edge and intense, but on the ear they looksurprisingly delicate!

Made By: Plucking Pendants. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $17.00

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Awesome or Ugly?


Or Ugly?


FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Mr. and Mrs. Awesome.

I'm always on the look out for unique cake toppers (unique and non-hideous, that is) and I don't know why, but I like this one. It's fun and playful and, if you go with this, you can avoid scouring the internet for cake topper brides and grooms that have the same features and coloring as you and your mate.

Made By: Milan Creations
Price: $15