Friday, July 30, 2010

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Gown?

Alright, no one seems to know what Chelsea will be wearing on her wedding day this weekend but I think something like this would flatter her.

Its classic and lacy, and has little cap sleeves but is not matronly, and, though I am partial to poofy dresses, I don't think I've ever seen her with one. (Points if her dress ends up looking anything like this?)

As a fellow soon-to-be Hudson River Valley bride I say: congrats Chelsea! You picked a lovely area to get married. :)

Made By:
Price: $699 (originally $799)


Fall Flat

Talk about perfect flat to wear on your way to fall! Bare feet will fit these shoes perfectly in August and September, but come October, pair it with a plaid skirt and some rich chocolate brown tights for a quasi-preppy fall look.

Made By: Urban Outfitters

Price: $14.99 (originally $28.00)


When two trends combine, sometimes it's a total disaster.

And's awesome!

This lace vest has a vintage heirloom feel that would work with a lot of different outfits (think a-line dresses, or with a tee and skinny jeans. It's delicate and looks way more expensive than it's $30 price tag.

Made By: Ruche

Price: $30.99

All Around Wonderful

Be still my heart...such a beautiful dress!

Everything I've ever said about one shoulder dresses...I take it back! I TAKE IT ALL BACK! I am hoping with all my hear that this dress will look as completely fabulous on my body as I am currently envisioning it in my brain.

The shape of the dress is will give you that hourglass figure of the 50's and 60's that is all the rage right now!

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $49.99

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winter White Makes Everything Bright

Maybe it's because this dress has long sleeves, but I think you can pull off this white all winter...

First, it's lace. Lace I think is appropriate for all seasons. I can't explain it, I just feel it!

Second, it has the long sleeves. I certainly wouldn't wear this right now (too darn hot!)

Third, I imagined this dress with black opaque tights with thick strap black leather sandals. In my mind, the look worked! I'm 89% sure it would work in reality as well.

Made By: Charlotte Russe

Price: $29.00

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

ETSY: Hot Rocks

POW! Blinger! (Bling for your finger? Did I just create a new word? Buehler? Buehler?)

Sometimes rings this size and this shape can look...cheezy....not this one! I'm not a ring person, but my hand is telling me right now "Jax, JAX, buy this please for my naked appendages! It's blingertastic!

Made By: Dazzle Finger. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $25.00

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?


FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Awesome Or Ugly?


Or Ugly?

Bridesmaid Dress

Stop Looking At Me, Swan!

I work long hours at my job. Very long hours. When I had heard that Forever 21 was opening a gigantic flagship store in Times Square that would be open until 2 A.M., this made my day! My month! My week!

Yesterday, I went to investigate at approximately 10:30 pm. HOLY WOW. If I had known what I was getting into, perhaps I would not have gone!

Four gigantic floors of forever 21 stuff. All of it organized by Forever 21 label (Love 21, twelve by twelve, etc.), with underwear, handbags, jewelry and shoes FINALLY getting their own gigantic sections.

Well, two hours and WAY too much money later, I had thoroughly explored the entire store and stocked up on quite a few amazing buys. Like these earrings!

If you haven't noticed, animals on earrings are "in." But I am just officially tired of the owl and turtle thing, so I am taking refuge here with these swan friends, who will help me rock some amazing outfits this weekend.

Made By: Forever 21

Price: $3.80


I am a bit perplexed by this...did J. Crew put a black suede shoe out as part of their spring or summer collection? Or is this a hold over from fall or winter of last year?

J. Crew: If this shoe is from spring or summer, I have no idea what you were thinking. It's BLACK SUEDE. Wearing it in any other season would be like showing up to a Christmas party in a white eyelet dress.

Regardless of what J. Crew thought was appropriate or not for the seasons, let's capitalize! The back ruffles gives this ordinary Mary Jane some pazzazz! And if you are thinking the price is too much, let me say that I have a pair of J. Crew mary janes that have lasted TEN YEARS. They wear like iron, and still look great!

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $129.99 (originally $228.00)

HOMEY HONEY: Lantern Up, Party Up

I love all things lighting and lanterns. When I found these lanterns it was love at first sight.

I want these for my patio. This would definitely create the mood for a great party or get together. They remind me of being on vacation on an island somewhere. Quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to set up that type of atmosphere at home?

Not only do they come in these airy blue and greens, but also in vibrant reds, yellows, and purples. They are also quite versatile and could be used anywhere in the house where you wanted a great ambiance.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $24.00


All Wrapped Up With A Bow On Top

When it's really hot, nothing is better than a cute clip you can throw in your bag and use to get all that hair off the back of your neck (assuming you have hair on the long side). It's important to make sure that clip is cute! (like this one).

If you're generally a girl that goes for subdued solids, get this bright red striped bow. If you generally gravitate toward bright colors and patterns, then make sure to buy a solid that will match a lot of outfits.

Made By: American Apparel

Price: $10.00

Powder Pink Power

Cascading ruffles...a surefire way to make sure that you can retain that slender look in more ruffly garb!

It's because not all of us can wear big ruffles on top, so by putting the small ruffles on your chest area, and graduating down, the dress creates a slimming effect. For those who want a summer look, you can go with the powder pink featured here. For those who just want the awesome shape and style of the dress with more versatility, I suggest the black.

Made By: Express

Price: $69.90

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DESIGNER ALERT: Badgley Mischka

Some blond somewhere just saw this dress and is going nuts.

That's right, brunettes...this dress is not for you. Could you pull it off? Maybe. But not like a blond! This color works better for the fair skinned ladies with the lighter locks. And that's because it's SO bright and shiny that your coloring has to be on the more plain side to make this work.

Made By: Badgley Mischka

Found At:

Price: $269.00 (originally $460.00)

The Best Thing I Ever Did Seen

I'm going to make a bold statement on a fashion trend right now.

Are you ready?


Ok, I'm ready, too.

We have all seen a million pairs of earrings in this style. In my opinion, these are the nicest I have ever seen.

There, I said it! They are simply stunning. I love the color and the etching. The circles work really well together. It's big, but it doesn't overwhlem the wearer's ears or face. That's difficult to find!

Made By: Fred Flare

Price: $7.99 (originally $13.00)

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

ETSY: A Star Is Born

I like this headband because the main event - the gunmetal star - seems to just be floating on her head...but it's not! It's fastened securely by a headband. No worries of it becoming loose, or falling off because you're dancing too hard!

I love the design of the's very unique, and one of a kind (i.e. worth every penny!)

Made By: Jill's Boutique. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $24.00

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?



I really like this dress I found on Etsy. It's not just another tea length dress, it has good draping on top and some interesting detail on the skirt.

I know you are thinking: Am I really going to buy a wedding dress online, from Etsy, made by hand? Will it be worth it? This seller has 134 positive reviews from buyers out of a total of 136, which is very, very good. If you're willing to be a little adventurous, it could pay off!

Made By: Mandy at Etsy
Price: $450


Outside The (Shoe)Box

You must think outside the box with this shoe.

At first it seems like a lot, but I think it would be a fabulous star to an outfit with all black clothing and black opaque tights. It would create a dramatic look that is still fun and casual.

Call me crazy, I think even more glam is coming this fall, so get ready.

Made By: Aldo

Price: $19.98 (originally $50.00)

Lullaby Dressy

Lavender...the color in which I look the best. It's demure and cute and works for every season but winter. And yes, I thought about this dress and said "does this work for fall?" I have decided that it does! Pair it with knee high brown boots and a casual blazer. This takes that springy edge off the lavender and sets you up in an outfit perfect for pumpkin picking or outdoor fall dining.

Made By: Ruche

Price: $39.99

Croppy Toppy

I recently bought a crop top for about $25 that fell apart (literally, it's in shreds, I have no idea what happened). Lesson learned, fashionistas! $25 clothing may fall apart.

Now in need of a new white crop top, I'm a lot more likely to shell out the $50 for this Elizabeth and James top, because at least I know it's well made. In the world of crop tops, a LOT are not cut correctly. This one is. It's flattering and will move fluidly into the fall (jeans and a vest, anyone?)

Made By: Elizabeth and James

Found At: Saks

Price: $57.99 (originally $145.00)

A Bright, Colorful Morning

Good morning, fashionistas! Let's kick the day off with a nice, bright clutch!

One of my favorite color combos is bright orange and hot pink. You're either a bright color person, or you're not, so if you're not feeling this clutch, that's OK, but I'm kinda/sorta in love with it.

Added plus: the review for this clutch says it's big enough to ACTUALLY hold stuff.

Made By: Anthropologie

Price: $39.95 (originally $78.00)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I tried this wedge on last's much more beautiful in person than this online photo could ever indicate. The yellow looks very very bright in the pic, but somehow, on your just looks like a big burst of wedge sunshine.

These shoes definitely will give you some height, so keep that in mind!

Made By: Kate Spade

Price: $112.00 (originally $225.00)

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

ETSY: Domo Origato Mr. Roboto

Are these not the cutest earrings you have ever seen?

This unbelievably talented designer hand-made them out of clay! This really sets them apart from other know you are getting something extremely original and unique. Handemade wonderfulness!

Made By: Loki's Jellybeans. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $6.50

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly



David's Bridal revealed their new fall arrivals this week so that must be why I'm finding lots of cute, reasonably-priced dresses from them lately. Above is a dress with a bow I can get behind.

It's placed off to the side so it doesn't look like a little girl's dress, or that you're trying to hide anything in the tummy area. The dress is a little long for me but stylish nonetheless.

Made By: Galina
Price: $449.00 (originally $499.00)


TREND ALERT: The Tie Crop Top

All my short-waisted ladies, say holla!!!

I could not be happier that crop tops with ties are back in with a vengeance! I've been sporting my favs as much as I can! This interesting twist on the black and white stripes craze works very well with the tie-crop-top trend. To top it off, it looks comfy! Throw on this top and go grab a beer with a friend!

Made By: Dolce Vita

Found On:

Price: $30.00 (originally $100.00)

Dream Princess

Some days I want to feel like a princess. On those days, I'll probably put this dress on for a party, (or more realistically, to dust my home.)

There are just so many beautiful elements to it. That soft ivory color. The sweetheart bodice. The elegant feminine ruffles. The intricate, asymmetrical lace layer. How could you not feel beautiful in this dress????

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $89.99

SWEET AND PETITE: Solid And Sturdy

I think the Gap is REALLY pushing it by describing this dress as "sexy" in the online description.

Sexy it is not. But it is a well made, well cut black dress that is perfect for work. Wear it sleeveless for the rest of summer and the fall, and throw a collared shirt underneath for a cute fall jumper-esque look.

(Come on Gap...embrace your basics!)

Made By: The Gap

Price: $69.50

The Waiting Game

I've watched these shoes all summer, patiently waiting for them to drop below the $100.00 mark. At last, that day has arrived!

Do you not know about my Jeffrey Campbell obsession? Well, now you know. I am Jeffrey Campbell obsessed. Wearing his shoes is like walking on a cloud. That feeling is worth every penny.

These shoes will transition beautifully into fall as you throw those tights on for cold nights.

Made By: Jeffrey Campbell

Found At: Urban Outfitters

Price: $89.99 (originally $128.00)

DANGER: Extreme Sexiness

Are you a lady that likes to walk into a room and be noticed by every man, woman and child? Do you gravitate towards bright colors like metal to a magent? Lucky for you, this super hot dress is now on a great sale.

They should call this pink "dangerous pink." Men who are near it will become instantly attracted to any woman brave enough to wear it. Other women will probably become overwhelmed with jealousy that they either 1) don't have the courage to rock the dress, or 2) don't have it in their closet to rock on another night.

Made By: Bebe

Price: $69.99 (originally $139.99)

Monday, July 26, 2010

DESIGNER ALERT: Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent

This is a dazzling pattern, and a crisp, fashion forward blue for fall that brings a fresh look to the dress. Blue is not typically a color for fall, but it doesn't mean you can't wear it then! Or, you know, save it for next spring. This is a dress that will never (read: NEVER) go out of style. It has a classic nature to it where it will always be unique, will always be in style and fashion forward. That's the magic of Cynthia Vincent!

Price: $210.00 (originally $374.00)

Sneaky Peaky

A few smart/awesome/wonderful stores do pre-fall sales. And really, why wouldn't you? Lower the price of your brand new shoes, which then entices ladies to buy them, and be the first to sport these new styles. This creates free advertising, as other ladies then run in to buy these new styles at full price. Sounds like a wonderful plan to me for the lucky fashionistas who take advantage of these extra-early sales.

Do you see this Oxford? It's going to be popular. You will want it in September. Buy it NOW for less money WHILE YOU CAN! Otherwise you'll end up buying the same Oxford for the full pricetag of $79.95. Don't be stupid, think ahead!

Made By: Steve Madden

Price: $55.97 (oriignally $79.95)

Three Words Or Less

Describe in three words or less.

ETSY: Crystal Clear

Every time I wear crystal earrings, I get a million compliments. And that's for plain old, ordinary crystal earrings.

These earrings have some character to them! The tear drop/chandelier-esque design is perfect for that hard-to-match bright colored gown or cocktail dress. Let's also discuss how these earrings look WAY more expensive than their more than affordable price tag of $28.00

Made By: Kalli. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $28.00

Awesome Or Ugly!


Or Ugly?


FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Organza Ovation.

As you may have noticed, I'm not into dresses that are too complicated or throw too many different design elements into one dress. I hate visual clutter.

However, I love this dress because it takes one element, the asymmetrical organza ruffles, and does them really well. This looks like a designer dress: it has intricate detail and no one threw a bunch of crystals on it to try and make it look fancy.

Made By: Galina Signature
Price: $850 (Originally $1050)


Whimsical Daydreamer

I'm all about dressy bib necklaces for fall. At first glance, the fact that the necklace is comprised of daisies might make it seem a tad bit immature. Upon a closer look, it becomes obvious to any fashionista that these are a grown-up daisy. Instead of giving off an immature vibe, it instead gives off a delightful fantasty vibe, a whimsical necklace perfect for the daydreamer in us all.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $23.99

Ruffle Some Feathers

Finally, a work appropriate feather headband! Not surprising at all that it came from Ann Taylor loft.

It's HARD to pull off hair accessories at work. It needs to be super classy, but subdued. Nothing too big, nothing too flashy! Keep your attire super conservative and you'll be able to pull this off!

Made By: Ann Taylor Loft

Price: $9.99 (originally $18.00)

VINTAGE VIXEN: Ah, Awesome Oxfords!


Oxfords are everywhere and they are cute! We here at Fashion Deal Diva want oxfords and we want them now. They are great for summer with a bare foot and bare leg, and will transition beautifully to fall with socks, tights, or pants. When feet are tired from little support in sandals and ankles are aching from heels, the oxford is to the rescue. Girls wearing oxfords look like they are fashion forward, but are just trying to get from point A to point B in comfortable shoes. If it sounds like something is missing from your life, I'm here to expose a possibly untapped gold mine.... Vintage oxfords online!

There are a bounty of vintage oxfords in all different colors and sizes on Etsy and Ebay. I've outlined a few of my picks below, but feel free to conduct your own online search. Good luck!

"A girl should sometimes cover her toes, even in the summer heat!"

xo -- Vintage Vixen

Patent Leather size 6 Oxfords
Cute! These are great if you have a small foot. Will absolutely last longer than a season. They are very versatile.

Vintage Nude Woven Oxfords Size 8
I love these shoes and wish I wore an 8! They look like they are in great condition, and would lengthen the leg with the light color. Also the texture at the toe offers flexibility and breathability...

Vintage White Eyelet Oxfords Size 7.5
Again, the eyelets here offer great air flow for hot summer toes, and guarantee that the shoe will flex and move easily and comfortably. This shoe is a very dainty take on the oxford.

Vintage Size 7 Oxfords
These have a cool detail on the toe and a more substantial heel, offering lift and a more polished look.

Vintage 1980s Soft Leather Calvin Klein Pointy Toe Oxfords Size 9
I LOVE these shoes! The pale pink is so pretty and girly. I really like the vintage Calvin Klein tag on the heel. Also the shoe is cut a little lower on the foot- perfect for summer! A little summer romper somewhere needs these shoes!

Vintage Ferragamo black leather gummy wedge sole oxfords. Fits size 7.5
Vintage Ferragamo! For $48! What a deal! These are very chic looking shoes and seem to be in great shape. Lucky ladies with a 7.5 foot, I'd jump at these. They would look so nice with a patterned stocking and fall dress.

Vintage leather WOVEN oxfords shoes sz 6 80's lace up
These are from ebay so they are a little more time sensitive! But also hold the potential to be a great deal.... Starting bid only $10. I love this brown color. It would look great with denim.

Transitional Clothing

Late July is the time to buy stuff that can work for the end of summer AND the fall. This orange (for those who can pull it off) is a great color for the fall. It's a great silk blouse to tuck into a navy blue or brown pencil skirt for work. It also works great just as she's wearing a casual, comfy, loose kind of way.

Also, this shirt is ACTUALLY silk. Not just a silky-like material. A great find.

Made By: Forever 21

Price: $22.80