Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pearly Moonbeams

These pearl earrings are SO DIFFERENT!

They are called "moonbeam." I love and their amazing on sale pearl selection!

These are wonderful earrings to wear with a nice dress for a wedding, or even to work with a conservative suit to dress up the ensemble.

Found On:

Price: $37.69

Silky Florals

The other day I told someone that occasionally I shop on They told me that it was for fifteen year old girls. I beg to differ! No store is exclusively for any particular age. Every store has a wide variety of items for women of all ages. I'm not saying a sixty year old woman should buy a skirt in forever21, but I don't think people should make blanket judgments about stores.

Now that I have had my morning rant, let me present this wonderful dress!

It's a floral I like! (SHOCKER!) The shape of the dress is very flattering. It's good for almost any body type, because if you wanted it to just hang, you can wear it without a belt. And if you wanted more waist division, you could put a different, bigger belt on with it.

The emerald green color of course caught my eye.

Maybe you'll get bored with it after a couple of months, but it's so cheap, do you even care if that happens?

Made By:

Price: $14.99 (originally $46.50)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Let Brown Get You Down

I went into my jewelry box and counted seven black bracelets yesterday. SEVEN! Then I counted my brown bracelets. ONE. I don't even wear the brown one anymore.

Why does this happen? Because a lot of brown bracelets are just ugly. But black bracelets are often all too cute! So I keep buying them, despite the fact that my wardrobe is brown based.

When I see a brown bracelet I like, I go for it! This copper/amber bracelet can be worn with almost anything. It's not super dressy or particularly casual, so there are no fashion engagement limitations on where it can be worn.

The designer, Keri Chrystian, has a lot of bracelets in different colors on her website in this style, if for some reason you already own a delightful brown bracelet. Visit her store here.

Made By: Keri Chrystian
Price: $15.00

Hide The Bad, Show Off The Good

Oooooh I love green velvet! And on a blazer!

This is a wonderful markdown. This blazer can be worn for three out of the four seasons, making it a great investment piece (and at $79.98 it's not that much of an investment!) Use it to dress up jeans or add a contrast to a flowy skirt.

If you need help making your waist, the side cinching on the blazer will assist you in your goal.

Let's also not forget: it's December 29, 2009. Chances are, you overate for the holidays. A blazer will hide all that weight you don't want anyone to see as you bust your ass in the gym. Hide the love handles!

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $79.98 (down from $148.00)

Satin Delight

When I first saw this skirt, I immediately went gaga for it, but it took me a second to figure out what I would wear it with, and where I would wear it.

What to wear it with: a black silk or satin top. I know thats specific, but because it's satin, you can't pair it with wool or cotton. You need to defer to the material. Silk and satin blouses are everywhere these days. Pair it with the skirt, tuck it in, throw on some textured black tights and black pumps and you are good to go.

Now..where to wear it. You can't wear it to work (unless you work for a fashion magazine) because it's a little too fancy. But you can wear it to the fancy events in your life that do not require black tie. Think dinner parties! Charity cocktail hours. The opera! The reason the skirt is $9.99 right now is not because it's a bad skirt. It's because no one can figure out what to pair it with. But now you know!

Made By: Arden B

Price: $9.99

Turquoise In 2010.

I read somewhere that turquoise is going to be THE color of 2010. Well here it is ladies! Turquoise on parade!

I love the diagonal ruffles. How often do you see diagonal ruffles on a dress? It gives the same effect as a one shoulder dress, but here you have both shoulders for those ladies who can't wear the one-shoulder style.

Are you worried about the brightness? DON'T BE! It's a muted turquoise. Take your pinky toe and dip it into the color pool!

This is also a dress that can go preppy to hipster in 60 seconds. For preppy, pair it with an ivory cardigan, a headband and flats. For hipster, pair it with brown cowboy boots, a bright colored tight, and a scarf.

Made By:

Price: 129.95 (originally $248.00)

GUYS BUYS: The Plain Black Dress Shoe

I judge men on their shoes. Sure, a nice tailored suit goes a long way, but if a man has paired that suit with shabby black dress shoes, or (gasp!) some sort of other inappropriate shoe (sneakers, boots, take your pick), I am a bit horrified.

The idea that men's dress shoes are expensive is a myth. A MYTH! One likely perpetuated by men who, for whatever reason, don't want to buy dress shoes.

I am a one-woman myth buster on this. Here you go, a plain, classy black men's dress shoe for under $40! No weird embellishments. Just a classic, black shoe. You now have no excuse. Black dress shoes! YOU NEED THEM! Thank you.

Made By: Aldo Shoes

Price: $38.49


I always wish I had more "fashion coats." The kind of coat that if you wore it every day you would get totally bored with it, but once in a while it's fun to throw a different coat on than your usual. It just mixes up your routine.

This coat from the gap at it's initial price of $118.00 was a bit too expensive for a fashion coat buy. But at $69.99, it's definitely ready for once a week use!

The coat is a slimming cut. The cuffs on the sleeves and the six front buttons take it from plain plaid jacket to plaid chic. Plus, everyone should have a peacoat. They make everybody look good!

Made By: The Gap

Price: $69.99 (down from $118.00)

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Dating Pool

Heads up folks. You are going to start seeing a lot more "date" dresses, because this recently single fashionista is going to have to start going on them eventually. Dates totally suck most of the time. I've heard ridiculous stuff on my past dates ("I actually don't like people that much," "I don't care if you don't like it, don't send it back or they'll spit in our drinks,"I don't watch tv...or read...I guess I really don't do anything."

There is, however, one giant positive to all of this: A LOT OF NEW DRESSES!

Even if you're happily in a relationship, you probably still go on dates with your boy (or girl), right? SO! Let's all jump into the dating pool together :)

This dress has many plusses. First: the thick pink waist. It will make you look tiny! It's bright pink, which means the eye is automatically drawn to it. Just look at the model. Outline her shape, and what does it make? hourglass.

I'm not one for showing a lot of cleavage on a date, so I like that the top of the dress is cut straight across and black.

And finally, a big poofy skirt! With an updated floral. I say "updated" because it reminds me of a Monet garden painting, but in a more minimalist sense.

The pairing of the dress with a tiny clutch is perfect. Add cute black pumps with some sort of embellishment (flower, jewels, etc.) and you're good to go meet the person of your dreams (or at the very least, meet a stranger and share a meal :p)

Made By: Lulu's

Price: $41.50 (down from $62.00)

Let's All Have Some Tea

You never know when you're going to have to go to tea or a fancy ladies luncheon.

No, I'm not saying this as a joke. I'm being serious! A couple of years ago, I looked in my closet and realized I had one sexy dress after another, but no tea party dresses. If a dress was on the conservative side, it was too "worky." If it was colorful, it was a short mini dress that is not appropriate for a meal eaten at noon. I knew then that I had to invest in a conservative, yet stylish and cute, ladies luncheon dress.

I like this one because it shows off shoulders. You can't go wrong with showing off shoulders, and by not putting anything constricting around the arm, it will look leaner (no over=pronounced flab!) I'm not that into florals, but right now they are everywhere, and this is a pretty non-obnoxious one.

The dress is made by Walter. He came on my radar during fashion week and I fell in love :) See his collection here.

Made By: Walter.

Price: $118 (down from $297)

Don't Lose Your Marbles

I was OBSESSED with marbles as a kid. I had a bag and I treated them like I was carrying a bag of diamonds. I never even played a game of marbles. I just treasured thesee crazy beautiful things, each unique in it's own way, each more colorful than the next.

When I stumbled upon these green marble earrings, all of those wonderful memories of marbles came right back to me. I don't have a bag of marbles anymore, but now I can wear them as earrings!

I've never seen marbles in jewelry, so this designer definitely has something different going. Although I chose to feature the green, any of her earrings in the different colors are a wonderful choice. If you buy them, she will also shorten or lengthen the chain to your taste.

Made By: Bare Bum Studios. See the Etsy page here.

Price: $20.00 ($5.00 for shipping)

Center Of Attention

I almost never wear black pants out anymore (I remember when they were all the rage in the late 90s and in the earlier part of our now ending decade), but when I do wear them out, and not to work, part of me always wishes I had a sweater like this. A nice color contrast, a flirty detail, a feminine piece that adds to the awesome of your black slacks.

The flower and ribbon being in the center is a bold move. I so often see them to the side. What are you trying to hide when you wear it on the side? It's almost like you are trying to say "ok, I like this flower, but I'm going to hide it over here to the right so maybe you won't notice it." Why are you doing that? Let it shine! FRONT AND CENTER!

The whole exposed back zipper trend is not my thing usually, but on this shirt, it doesn't bother me. It almost pains me to say it, but I actually like it. But only on this! Maybe because it's in the back and very small.

Made By: Forever21

Price: $22.80

Comfy As Can Tee

This shirt looks so comfortable. What you can't know (yet) is that it actually IS comfortable! I'm sitting in it right now and I could not be more comfortable.

It's super thin (you'll need to wear a camisole underneath it to avoid showing too much), but it's also super soft. It's the perfect t-shirt for lounging around. It has just enough "oomph" to jazz up your usual jeans and a t-shirt.

Made By: Urban Outfitters

Pruce: $14.99 (down from $25.00)

A Pattern Of Style

This dress is not for everyone, I get that. But if you're into bright colors and dresses that are made of interesting patterns, then your face probably just lit up with joy upon seeing this dress!

The cinching in the waist creates a wonderful slimming effect. The buttons on the shoulders add a feminine, classic look to the dress. The flutter sleeves will make your arms look skinnier than something that constricts them.

If you work in an office that is not fashion conservative, I think you could wear this with a black cardigan and be ready for work!

Made By: BCBG

Price: $110.60 (down from $158.00)

Not Your Plain Mary Jane

I am drawn to shoes that are different from the rest. The shoes that have lots of unique details. The ones that people notice and stop you in a restaurant to ask you where you bought them.

The shoe you see before you is that "different" shoe. It's a modern take on the Mary Jane. It's not your average color, either, meant to go with white, yellow, orange, ivory or brown. The thicker heel should make it easier to walk in (it borders on wedge.)

It was ridiculously overpriced initially by Barneys, but now it is priced correctly (and affordably!)

Made By: Barney's COOP

Price: $129.50 (down from $430.00)

Get In The Rugby (Stripe Sweater) Game

The Rugby Stripe!  A good look for any guy who wants to make their shoulders look broader than they are! (Yes, the no-horizontal-stripes rule that applies to women is the opposite for men!)

As you can see from the model, you can wear this sweater casually, but you can also put a white collared shirt underneath and throw a blazer over it, and all of a sudden you are way fancier.  The versatility of this sweater (and the price) makes it a good option for guys who don't have a ton of money to spend on a wardrobe.

Note that the other colors are more expensive, but I like the blue best anyway.

Made By: Banana Republic

Price: $44.99 (down from $70.00)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a shopper was stirring, no clicks of a mouse.

Bright colored stockings were wrapped up with care

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Fashionistas were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of Prada danced in their heads.

And I in my fancy new Kenneth Cole cap

Had just taken it off for a long winter's nap.

When at my computer arose such a clatter

I slipped on my slippers to see what was the matter.

Away to my laptop I flew like a flash,

Threw on my bathrobe and Ralph Lauren sash.

Stores carried less inventory to avoid clearance,

So recession sales I did not expect appearance

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But a series of sales to bring Christmas fashion cheer.

More rapid than eagles their price slashes came

With stores so familiar I knew them by name:

Now Target! Now Urban! Now Zappos and Bloomies!

On Etsy! On Levis! On Nine West and Barneys!

To the best of the sale rack let's go to the mall.

Now sale away, sale away, inventory all!

And into my inbox came emails galore

With special sale codes for every store

Guaranteeing free shipping and 10% off,

And buy one get two free to get you to shop.

The websites, how they twinkled, their webpage so merry,

With cashmere now $50 and coats down $170,

And jewelry that last week was too overpriced

Now sat in my web cart, each looking so nice.

I spoke not a word, but went straight to my work

And filled up my credit card, then turned with a jerk

I could not believe all the deals I had grabbed,

I imagined myself looking oh-so-so fab!

I looked over my carts to make sure I was done

And smiled for having had such shopping fun.

And as I checked out I exclaimed in delight


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Good Morning Fashionistas!

I am starting my Christmas vacation today!  The blog will return on Monday, December 28, 2009 with lots of after Christmas deals, as well as a new once a week featured column on beauty and cosmetics by our soon to be announced specialist!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

GUYS BUYS: The Slightly Fancy Casual Shirt

Sometimes you just need a new slightly fancy casual shirt.

A slightly fancy casual shirt? What is that?'s a button down collared shirt that is not in a plaid or gingham pattern. There is something just a bit more fancy about stripes. In a casual setting, you can probably wear this shirt without ironing it. Roll up the sleeves, head to a bar to watch the game, comfortable but still cute. Or you could iron the shirt and throw a blazer over it, and poof! Now you are "fancy" and ready for dinner!

Isn't it nice when shirts on sale are versatile?

Made By: J. Crew

Price: $39.99 (down from $59.99)

Lace That Brigns A Smile To Your Face

On first look, this dress may not look like a star. However, upon further
examination, you really begin to see why this dress is a winner.

First, the front design. It makes an ordinary strapless dress into a unique item.

Second, the color. That stunning blue color! And the use of multiple blues!

Third, the lace. I know, I know, you might not be into lace. Or you might be! If you're into lace, you know you love this dress.

What I think is missing from the dress is a crinoline slip to make it poof out! Once you add the slip, NOW we're talking party dress! If you have to go to a lot of weddings, this dress is a particularly good option. I am not a giant fan of wearing black to a wedding, so I am constantly searching out non-black formal dresses that are not through-the-roof expensive.

Made By: Charlotte Russe

Price: $32.99

She's Got Legs, She Knows How To Clothe Them

Urban Outfitters has a great collection of textured tights. I am not always a fan of black, blue or gray textured tights, but I REALLY became a fan of these light gold textured tights when I wore them out into the blizzard on Saturday. They kept my legs warm! They looked great with the skirt! They didn't scream "HEY I'M WEARING LOUD TEXTURED TIGHTS!"

The most important thing to keep in mind with these tights is that you cannot pair them with anything patterned. They are busy, so they must be paired with solids! As long as you follow this golden rule, you are good to go!

Made By: Urban Outfitters

Price: $14.00

The Silver Standard

It's hard to find silver pumps that don't make you look like a hooker.

With silver pumps, the line between classy and not-so-classy is extremely thin. However, these pumps are pewter, the darkest kind of silver. This pulls them into classy. What makes the pumps different is the alligator-esque imprint, which gives the shoes a more textured and rich look.

These shoes would pair great with a pair of black slacks or a black dress and lots of cute silver jewelry.

Price; $39.99 (down from $59.99)

Made By: Connie

Found On:


It's that time of year where you may have a fancy party to go to that requires a long gown.  But you may not want to be TOO fancy.  Or maybe you're not sure HOW fancy it is.

In these situations where it is a vague and questionable "black tie affair," I think wearing a long black dress is the way to go.  BCBG has put this beautiful one on sale for 50% off the original price!  I love the ruffles.  They draw the eye to the center, which makes you look skinnier!  Throw some strappy heels and some big silver earrings on to complete the look :)

Price: $199.00 (down from $398.00) 

In The Navy (Corduroy Skirt)

New York had a blizzard this weekend, and like any good fashionista, I went shopping in it. It wasn't until the very end of the trip that my chin began to freeze and I longed for a more serviceable hat and gloves. It was at my most frozen that I found this skirt at Steven Alan.

A blue corduroy skirt is a good investment piece. I know you are probably griping about the price, but it's something you will wear often! I wore it last night to a party and I paired it with a sheer silk blouse, textured tights and brown knee high boots. And, as always, lots of pearls (but a gold locket would have worked as well!)

Price: $98.00 (originally $158.00)

Made By: Steven Alan

Friday, December 18, 2009

Glam In A Mini Dress!


There is so much to love about this dress!  First, the pairing of the ivory silk and gold, both luxurious fabrics that are going to make you feel like a million bucks.  Second, the faux necklace/beading on the dress is done in an interesting way that doesn't look cheap or cheezy (I would expect nothing less from Nicole Miller).  And finally, it's a mini dress!  Show off those fabulous legs, ladies!

Made By: Nicole Miller

Found on:

Price: $285.00 (down from $475.00)

Spirals Of Style

My general problem with tunic tops is that some of them are so big that they can make you look pregnant.  But that's no problem with this top!  With a cut cinched waist, you'll still look like you have a shape.

The spiral detailing on the shirt is very unique.  I like shirts with those sorts of unique details because if you're going to wear a cotton shirt to go out, it should be a cute cotton shirt with a little more "oomph!"  Also, no need to wear a necklace with this shirt, but I would advice wearing big, long earrings with it.

Perfect for all four seasons!

Made By: Forever21

Price: $19.80

The Modern Element Of A Classic

This interesting twist on the traditional cable knit sweater is what I expect these days from Banana Republic: smart classics with small modern twists.  

What this sweater PROBABLY needs is a belt.  Maybe a burgandy leather belt.  Or a gold belt.  Either way, a little waist making can never go wrong. 

Pair with a giant necklace!  And a pencil skirt!  Or if it's freezing and you want to be warmer, go ahead and put a long sleeved t-shirt underneath.

Made By: Banana Republic

Price: $34.99 (originally $79.50)

GUYS BUYS: A Nice Pair Of Slacks

Nothing makes a man look sexier than a nice pair of slacks!

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying pants is to make sure they are flat front.  No pleats!

Let's say it again!




These are a skinnier fit, and you should give it a try!

Made By: Calvin Klein

Price: $60.00 (down from $150.00)

What a Hoot!

I am such a fan! These earrings are a hoot!

Great handmade silver earrings. A quality piece that is not only beautiful but guaranteed to spark some conversation! You can't find cuter earrings than these.

Price: $25.00 ($3.00 shipping)

Made By: Truche

Alexander McQueen!

Before you become too attached to this bag, you should know that it's Alexander McQueen, and it's still $289.00.

But it's on sale from it's original price tag of $627.00!

Maybe Zappos stole a box of Alexander McQueen clutches. That's the only logical conclusion as to how they could get this kind of price tag for this bag.

I like the red leather floral pattern. I have a Chanel quilted leather wallet with a floral pattern and I love it so! This is like a more durable, flashier version, of a floral leather wallet.

I've never seen Alexander McQueen so affordable. I would say buy it before Zappos realizes the error.

Made By: Alexander McQueen

Found On:

Price: $289.00 (down from $627.00)

The Plain White Button Down Collared Shirt

(I know the shirt in the picture is blue, but imagine it's white, and let's move on from there!)

I have trouble finding a classic button down white shirt. Sometimes the buttons are stretched right at the center, leaving an awkward and inappropriate hole in my chest area. Sometimes after one washing, the shirt no longer feels the way it did in the store (I'm still not sure why!) A lot of "plain" white shirts have some sort of embellishment on them, like a bow on the shoulder, or a silver trim on the bottom. If I wanted some sort of weirdo embellishment, I wouldn't be looking for a "plain white shirt" would I?

My search for the perfect button down white shirt ended about six months ago when I found this brooks brothers shirt. Yes, it is normally very expensive! Which is why, up until now, I only owned one. I can personally attest to the resilience of this shirt. Wash after wash, it feels and looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. No awkward boob-hole! Always clean, crisp and chic. I love to tuck it into slacks and wear a big flashy necklace with some kick ass heels, bringing my outfit as fashion forward as you can get in a conservative office. It's also great to tuck into an A-line or pencil skirt and head out looking like you just stepped off the set of Mad Men. Yeah, you know you want to look like that ;)

Made By: Brooks Brothers

Price: $51.20 (down from $128.00)

It's Plaid To See

I'm really into plaid. Maybe it's because I am a total prepster, but nothing says "fun" for me like some pearls and plaid!

But really, even if you're not preppy, these shoes are awesome. Jazz up some brown work slacks with these shoes, or pair them with some used clothes to be a hipster for the night! The shoes themselves have a lot of character. They have the light brown leather overlay on the toe and the cute little buckle.  And the plaid itself conjures a vintage feeling to the shoes.

Made By: Anthroppologie

Price: $39.95 (down from $78.00)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fashion Field Trip: Strawberry!

I went to strawberry and found this super cute wallet!

It's technically a wallet, and I use it as such, but I also just didn't feel like carrying a bag with me on my lunch break, so I wore the wallet as a clutch.

It's very sleek and classy. The snap clasp and crocodile pattern are just two of the refined details of this sleek and chic wallet.

Strawberry doesn't have an online site, so you'll have to go in there and find it for yourself!

Price: $9.99

Made By: Strawberry

GUYS BUYS: Real Men Wear Pink

I don't know why more men don't wear pink. It's such a wonderful color! It works on blonds AND brunettes. Nothing works better with a navy blue suit or navy slacks than a pink tie. Men who wear pink ties are often more confident and, thus, more attractive.

Think pink, boys.

Made By: Geoffrey Beene

Found on:

Price: $24.99 (down from $45.00)

Back to Basics

Ann Taylor Loft is having a great special on their website where they highlight gifts for under $25.00. I say buy yourself a present in the form of this v-neck cable knit sweater.

It comes in lots of different colors, but I heart green, even though I have featured the red in the photo. Every wardrobe needs a healthy number of basics, but just because something is a basic doesn't mean it has to be boring. This is a cute, well made sweater that needs some jewelry and a sleek pair of slacks or a pencil skirt. Or maybe just jeans on a Sunday afternoon. You decide, it's a basic!

Price: $25.00

Made By: Ann Taylor Loft


Goddess of Glam!

I go gaga for greco-roman inspired dresses, like this one. The one-shoulder knot detail is what makes the dress.The ruching from the knot frames the upper body in a way that highlights your chest while minimizing the waist, all great things!

The color of the dress really doesn't go with silver, gold or black jewelry, so throw on some pearls, diamonds or crystals to complete the look.

Made By:

Every Day Shimmer!

A subdued gold leather bag is the ultimate every day purse.

Why? It solves the black/brown problem! I am of the opinion that you cannot wear a brown bag with a black outfit, and vice versa (although there is an exception made for the signature Louis Vuitton pattern, to which these rules do not apply!) A gold bag goes with black AND brown outfits. If you want to invest in a new every day bag, I would consider this Kate Spade tote. It's leather, it's gold, it's well made and, most importantly, fashionable :)

Price: $235 (originally $395)

Made By: Kate Spade



I'm really into swarovski crystals these days. These earrings, named "Morning Sun" by the designer, Leela Bijou, are as bright as a sunrise. Although they can be worn to go out on a Friday, I also think that they are a subdued glam piece that you could pair with a classic sweater and corduroy pants to add some spark to the ensemble. The color is very versatile and will match almost anything (just steer clear of pastels!)

Made By: Leela Bijou. Visit her Etsy store here.

Price: $18.50 ($5.50 for shipping)

Bring Out Your Girly Side

I initially hesitated to post about this dress because I don't think everyone can wear this. If you are curvy, this is NOT the dress for you. But if you are not curvy, I say go for it!

I like the mid-waist bow belt, and the lace ruffles are very feminine. This dress is guaranteed to bring out the girly-girl in anyone!

Also, white and black color block? My favorite :)

Made By: Arden B

Price: $58.50 (down from $78.00)

Paige Premium Denim

My favorite jeans are by Paige Premium Denim. They make my butt look like a million dollar bottom. The fit is spectacular, it's a high quality denim, and you will look great no matter what style you choose.

I am partial to their Skyline skinny. The one I have featured here has a 34" inseam, an 8 1/8" front rise, and a 12" opening. I always get my jeans at 34" because all jeans should be brought to a tailor. That's right, let a tailor shorten them and fit them to your ankle the way you want it. Even though 12 inches is a small leg opening, I like mine even smaller (tapered, but not legging), so I've been taking my jeans to a tailor for a while now. It's worth the extra twenty dollars to make the jeans perfect as oppose to just "ok."
There is no sale on these jeans. They are expensive. But they are an investment piece! I wear my dress jeans at least once a week, so I think it's worth it to spend the money on quality.

Price: $179.00

Made By; Paige Premium Denim

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Something Glam For Everyone

This hair pin (or brooch, or headband, it's what you make it) has a little bit of everything. There is some tulle, some pearls, some netting, some chiffon, and some gold. It's a festive hair piece that would be a wonderful accompaniment to a gold or red dress, or maybe even a dark orange or lavender cardigan. I even think you could buy more than one and arrange them in any number of ways, like...

On a belt!


Two in your hair!


Three pinned to a handbag!

It's versatile and whimsical. Use your imagination and you won't fail with this piece.

Made By: Pins and Needles. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $7.00 ($2.85 for shipping)

GUYS BUYS: A Sportcoat for $99????? YES!

I did a double-take when I saw the price of this navy herringbone sportcoat.

"No way," I said, "it can't actually be $99.00." But that's exactly what it is!

The Men's Warehouse is running a crazy sale where once you put the sportcoat in your cart, they knock off another 50%. So the coat, which was $199.99, becomes $99.00. That is an unheard of price for a nice sports coat! For the fella on a budget, should jump on this one NOW!

Sale is only for today!

Made By: Pronto Couture

Style INC

INC is a brand I forget about all too often.  The house brand of Macy's, I remember shopping there all the time in high school because the clothes were stylish and well made but within a decent price range (at sixteen I was thinking volume over quality, and my mother began to put limits on the spending!)

Seeing this dress pop up in my search of dresses at Macy's made me remember why I liked INC in the first place.  They use great fabrics and patterns to make clothing that stands out.  They really understand a woman's shape and design their dresses accordingly.  And finally, this shift can go (ugh I'm gonna have to say it) "day-to-night," which is the great part about most of their clothing.  It's good for the office AND a bar. 

This dress should definitely be worn with a pair of black knee high boots to complete the look.

Made By: INC

Found on:

Price: $44.43 (down from $79.00)

The Right Triangle

I love triangles!  

I like being different, and that's why I like to wear triangle earrings.  You're not gonna see triangle shaped earrings everywhere.  If you find them and wear them, everyone will comment on it (and those who don't comment will stare with jealous rage!)

These earrings are a real find because of the stained glass.  The earrings are a fashion star in themselves.  The grey hue is really perfect for anything black, white, or gray, and I would wear it with a dark black necklace to provide a sharp jewelry contrast that brings out the small black lines in the glass.

The jewelry maker, Ling Glass, has some great other stuff if you're into this style of jewelry.   See her Etsy page here.

Made By: LingGlass

Price: $15.50 (plus $3.80 for shipping)

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweater on SALE!

About a week before Christmas, Ralph Lauren puts a LOT of stuff on sale!  This sweater is a great example.

I like shawl neck sweaters that have a deep v-neck because it makes what is normally a not sexy sweater into one where it's definitely showing a little of the sexy!  Plus, it's Ralph Lauren.  Wrap yourself in luxury, it will feel good! (100% cashmere!)

Btw, it's December 16th people, it's a red sweater, LET'S GET IN THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT!!!!!!

Price: $184.99 (down from $249.00)

Made By: Ralph Lauren

Bring Out Your Bad Girl

Every nice girl has a bad girl inside of them. I guarantee you, wearing this shoe will bring out that bad girl side!
The relatively thorough coverage of the foot means you can wear this shoe all winter without freezing your toes off (but it still has a cute peep toe!) These shoes are also going to be easier to walk in than your average hot shoe, because they have a chunky heel that your foot will thank you for after a long night of standing in a bar.
Price: $79.97 (originally $130.00)
Made By: Guess

Pink And Ruffly And Delightful All Over

The dress is called the "Glamit!"  How could I not write a posting about? :p

For those of you who like dresses with sleeves, this is a great option.  It allows you to show off your shoulders while hiding that one part of the arm you don't want anyone to see.  I think the bright pink color can be worn by anyone, just keep the jewelry conservative (think pearls or diamond stud earrings).

It's on a RIDICULOUS sale until midnight tonight, so get it while you can!

Made By: Marc Bouwer

Found On:

Price: $138.00 (originally $395.00)

Glam Up The Ordinary

I routinely buy black ballet flats and run them into the ground.  I wear them everywhere until I have holes in them.  I try very hard to find black ballet flats that have some sort of embellishment on them to make them a bit different from just your average pair of black shoes.  

The gold studs on this ballet flat don't make it fancy or exciting or the best shoe you've ever seen.  But they do take the shoe from "blah" to "ahhh."  That's all you need anyway, just a little "ahhh" when people see you walking by.

Price: $49.97 (originally $79.95)

Made By: Steve Madden

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Surprises!

Target, you just keep on surprising me.  

I became interested in their jewelry section when I saw the commercial where the boyfriend gives his new girlfriend a very nice, expensive looking necklace, and she says "Oh, I didn't know we were there yet."  He then tells her he didn't spend that much (because it came from target.)

Well!  I came looking for the necklace (which is awesome, btw), but also found these dazzling drop earrings!

I hesitate to wear fake gold earrings because they often look tacky.  But the textured balls and the thin chain work against that "I'M FAKE GOLD" look some jewelry seems to have.

These earrings look WAY more expensive than their $14.99 price tag.  Great look for any ocassion.

Price: $14.99

Made By: Target

A Tights Situation

Patterned Tights Are Everywhere!  So are colored tights! (but those are for another post...)

I know a lot of people who either don't like patterned tights, like them and don't know what to wear them with, or love them and wear them incorrectly all the time.  Just because the tights are black doesn't mean you can wear them with anything!

You should treat black patterned tights like a gold bag or red shoes: the outfit must be designed around them.  So you build from the bottom up (literally!)

These tights from Forever21 are a great quality.  I own a pair and I've worn them now about ten times and they have one tiny rip on the upper thigh that hasn't grown into a full on tear, so you're getting your money's worth.  If you're uneasy about wearing a patterned tight, start out by wearing it with a knee high boot.  That way, not that much of the tights will be showing.  Put on a black corduroy skirt and an ivory turtle neck and you are good to go!

Here's another option: Put on the black patterened tights.  Then through on a pair of black patent leather pumps, or patent leather flats.  Choose a grey, black or purple sweater dress, put a thick black patent leather belt with it, and bam!  You have an outfit!

Do you see where I am going with this?  Simplicity is key!  Let the tights be the star of the outfit, because that's what they are.  They are going to immediately draw the eye to your legs, so why wear something that tries to compete with that and fails?

Price: $6.80

Made By: Forever21

Purple Party Dress!

My heart jumped for joy when I saw this party dress!

I am a brunette with fair skin, and you know what color brunettes with fair skin look best in?  DARK PURPLE.  It's harder to find dark purple dresses than you think.  When I see one that fits and is a good style, I immediately buy it.  I don't know when the next one will come along!

This dress is so party festive.  It's got ruffles!  The sweetheart neckline adds a really nice feminine touch to the dress.  And if you wanted to dress it down, you could put a patent leather belt on with it to make it a little more punky and less formal.

ModCloth has put this one on sale, but even at it;s original price, it was a good buy.

Price: $63.99 (down from $72.99)

A Harvest Of Style

I like having a bunch of "everyday" necklaces.  The kind of necklaces you can throw on with a sweater and head to the movies, or go to the grocery store, or do your laundry, and still be a little more dressed up than the average girl.  It's the stuff you want to be pretty and noticeable, but not too flashy for a Saturday afternoon.  

I like this leaf necklace because it's understated, yet day-time elegant.  And because of the color it goes with everything!  If you left it on for days, it would still match everything.  

Made By The Plum Tree.  Visit their Etsy store here.

Price: $17.00 (and free shipping!)

UPDATE! If you mention that you saw this on my blog, you get 10% off!  Wheeee! :)