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This is a big posting fashionistas!  There are two parts to it: 1) how to choose the right bikini for your shape, and 2) my favorite bikinis this season. I will be following this up with a full piece guide as well!

Let's begin!


I'm going to use Old Navy bathing suits to highlight the different shapes, because they are cheap, and their website has all the different shapes on it.

Bikini Tops

1) The Center String Bandeau
Who can wear it: A and B cups

Notes: This is the go-to tops for small chested ladies.  There isn't a lot of hold-up support, so if you have a big chest, you definitely can't wear this or it will be a one-way ticket to sag town!

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2) The Halter Bandeau

Who can wear it: A, B and C cup

Notes: Unlike the center support bandeau, C's can wear this bandeau because of the added halter support.  Halters provide the most support for your ladies!

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3) The String Bikini
Who can wear it: B's, C's and small D's

Notes: You definitely need a little bit of boobs to rock the string bikini, because there is actually something to fill up!  The absolute number one thing to keep in mind when buying this bikini top is to make sure that you are not coming out of the side!  That's the most gross thing ever, don't be skanky!

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4) The Halter

Who can wear it? C's and D's

Notes: Ah, the halter, the most support and the only real bikini top for ladies D and up, because going down a water slide and popping out of your suit is never in style.

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Bikini Bottoms

1) The Hipster
Who can wear it: Girls with small hips and perky and/or tight butts

Notes: This is definitely the hardest bottom to wear.  If you have cushin' for the pushin', this will create those fat rolls you hate so much!  It will also cut your butt in the WORST place, right in the middle!  This is definitely the choice for skinny, petite ladies, or girls with bodies that haven't moved towards lady time (oh high school body, I miss you!)

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2) The Regular Bikini Botom

Who can wear it: Girls with small hips

Notes Unlike the hipster, the regular bikini bottom provides considerably more butt coverage, so you don't have to have a perfect behind to sport this look.  However, you still have your cushion pushin' so it's absolutely necessary to make sure that you try this on and it's not tight in a bad way!

3) String Bikini

Who can wear it: EVERYONE

Notes: This is my go to swim bottom.  I think women get nervous about wearing something with strings, but the joy of strings is that you can adjust it to fit your body, so there is never tightness or grabbing in an unflattering place, huzzah!

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4) High-Waisted

Who can wear this: High-waisted ladies

Notes:This is the main "in" style this season, as the bikini celebrates it's 50th birthday!  Luckily for most women, this style is flattering.  It hides your tummy and covers up your butt, all while giving you a pin-up shape!  What is not to love?

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5) The Boy-Short
Who can wear it: Girls with small to medium thighs

Notes: The whole point of wearing a boy short is to create one clean line, so the only rule is to make sure your thighs don't extend far past your hips (otherwise it creates an, errr, not so flattering effect!)  The boyshort is the go-to choice for apple shapes!

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And now.....

Made By: Forever 21
Price: Top - $10.80, Bottom - $12.80

Made By: Urban Outfitters
Price: Top: $48.00, Bottom - $29.99

Made By: Victoria's Secret
Price: Top - $44.00, Bottom: $30.00

Made By: ModCloth
Price: $89.00

Made By: Betsey Johnson
Found At: Macy's
Price: $140.00

Made By: Victoria's Secret
Price: $64.00

Made By: Target
Price: $30.00

Made By: Anthropologie
Price: $78.00

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