Friday, May 20, 2011

COSMETICS CUTIE: Define Those Stunning Eyes

By Jen

I love what eyeliner does for my eyes, but I don’t have the steadiest hand for application. While I have a few tricks up my sleeve for defined eyes, one of the easiest methods I have found in my make-up exploration came thanks to the the L'Oreal Micro Liner Ultra Fine Eyeliner.

It’s comes with a sharpener so you can get it to the finest point at every use. The precision it provides gives me a perfect line every time and it’s great for the waterline. Plus, for the price, this eyeliner holds it’s own with the more expensive brands.

If you’re looking to define your eyes a bit more, try this eyeliner on for size, you’ll be in for a stunning surprise.

Made By: L’Oreal

Found at:

Price: $8.49

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