Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Dancing Shoes.

By LyndseyWhat are you going to wear to dance in at your wedding? While you might have some really hot heels to wear during the ceremony and early part of the reception, your feet might need a break from the height if you want to dance till the early morning hours. Grab yourself some cute flats like the ones above and party the best night of your life away!

Made By: Steve Madden
Price: $49.90 (originally$59.95)


  1. Target had the same design and cheaper by 30-40 bucks

  2. Thanks for the tip Jamie! I'm totally down for cheaper versions, though I find that Target shoes start falling apart after a few wears and often leave me with blisters. I definitely shop target for cute clothes, but with shoes, I need a little more substance, hence why I'd prefer the Steve Madden's.