Monday, May 16, 2011

Daily Etsy Spotlight

By Jax

As far as plain dresses go, this is about as sexy as it gets!

Could you get this same exact dress in Target for about half the price?  Yes, yes you could.  But will it be handmade?  Will it be as well made?  Will it have unique style details like flutter sleeves?  Will it essentially be custom made to order?  No, it won't.  And for all those reasons, I really support buying this very classic, one of a kind, made to order dress.

Also, ladies with weird shapes (yes you, over there, with the size 40 chest and 25 inch waist): if you go on Etsy, you can have them make a dress to fit your weird shape!

Made By: Linaline

Price: $80.00


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