Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nice Day For A White T-Shirt

Yesterday, as the clock struck nine in my office, with no hope of leaving any time soon, I did what any girl would do after most of her office had left: put on jeans and a t-shirt! Oh the comfort. Oh the happiness! My productivity level shot up!

But I digress...the real point of this story is that the t-shirt I put on just happens to be the best white t-shirt I own. It is from American Apparel, and I bought it on a trip to San Francisco this past summer. I searched the store for every single white t-shirt, and in American Apparel, that means I brought into the dressing room 54,673,035 plain white t-shirts to try on.

I've done the work for you. THIS t-shirt is the best. I love the fit, the neck opening is the right size, it is the perfect length, and it makes my boobs look fantastic.

Made By: American Apparel

Price: $17.00


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