Friday, April 23, 2010


Let's take a little trip, folks. Wayyy back. February. Seems like a while ago we were all sno-pocalypsed, right? Bundled up inside, watching the winds howl and the snow whip past the windows. Cranking up those heaters and curling up with comfy blankets. Ah - winter.

Now that the weather's getting warmer, we're starting to put away those comfy sweaters and pull out the sundresses, skirts and tank tops. Sounds perfect, right? Not exactly. One little problem - along with snow, hot cocoa and marathons of your favorite guilty pleasure TV shows, winter brings along one more little thing: dry skin. That's right, those heaters and heavy blankets aren't too friendly on your skin and, come springtime, it shows. Yowza.

Fear not - this problem is easily solved. I have one word for you: Exfoliate.

That's right - at least once a week (or if you're a little OCD like me, every other day), you should exfoliate your skin. Scrubs, washcloths, fancy schmancy exfoliating machines (I'm looking at you Clarisonic - I love you!) - they'll all do the job. My favorite affordable and easy solution? St. Ives Apricot body scrub. That's right - good old St. Ives. One fairly large tub of this stuff is less than $10, smells divine and has enough tiny grains to buff your skin baby soft. A must before you start showing off that alabaster complexion.

Oh wait, that's just me.


  1. Do you think this is OK for daily use?

  2. Good question! I'm hesitant to recommend exfoliating every day, regardless of which product you're using. Unless you're trying to get rid of a spray tan gone wrong, it's best to exfoliate every other day to give your skin some rest. If you use scrubs and other exfoliants every day, you run the risk of making your skin too sensitive and, quite frankly, rubbing it raw. That being said, this is one of the gentlest scrubs I've found. As OCD as I am, I use it every other day as a body scrub and it does a great job of keeping my skin smooth.

  3. Thanks for response. Should this product be used only on body or is it OK for face?

  4. It's gentle enough to be used on both your face and body.