Friday, April 30, 2010

GUYS BUYS: Boxer Shorts

I'm entering new territory's underwear.

I conferred with several gentlemen, and they told me that, for Boxer's, Vineyard Vines takes the cake for style, comfort, durability etc. (next week there will be a separate post on boxer briefs, GET EXCITED!)

These boxer's have mermaids on them! Super awesome.

You may be thinking "'s just underwear, no one really ever sees it except my girlfriend/my mother/me.) I disagree! Let's look at all the times people will see your underwear:

1. At the laundromat. Yes, I'm judging you based on your underwear as we sit and watch the spin cycle.
2. When you bend over. Yep, I usually won't see crack, but I'll see the waistband of your boxers, at least! Potentially more depending on where you wear your pants.
3. Here's the obvious...a hook up. It's a first impression on underwear...don't you want that impression to be good?

I acknowledge that $24.50 per pair of boxers is maybe more than you want to spend, and if that's the case, I suggest you also check out Century 21 or Bloomingdales for good Vineyard Vines boxer sales!

Made By: Vineyard Vines

Price: $24.50

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