Monday, April 26, 2010

Worked Its Way Into My Heart

This shoe ALMOST went into awesome or ugly, and if you think it's ugly, that's fine, I get that this is not everyone's style. But I started to like it, and then I started to imagine my foot in it, and then I started to want it, and now I'm posting about it. Way to work your way into my heart, little shoe!

It's just so...unique! You should have some fun, funky and unique pairs of shoes in your closet. These are perfect for a pair of black jeans or black and white leggings. Maybe even a white polka-dot sheer top, if you have it.

Made By: Aldo Shoes

Price: $29.98

1 comment:

  1. black and white leggings like the 'hamburglar'?.. now thats a good look for the office