Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The New Work-Wear Itch

I always find that with the change of season, I want a whole new bunch of work clothes. This usually turns out to be an expensive endeavor. So my goal is to get one or two really great work dresses for under $50 to satisfy the new clothes craving without maxing out by Mastercard.

Let's list why this dress is great for work:
1) The gray color is perfect for spring and summer officewear.

2) Cute skinny patent leather belt (who doesn't love a good belt??)

3) Long enough to be office appropriate without being so long your grandma would wear it.

4) A tiny sleeve is just enough to prevent that tank-top look some of these dresses have (and tanks may not be appropriate at every office.)

Made By: Style & Co.

Found At: Macy's

Price: $39.99

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