Monday, April 26, 2010

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING: I Can Ruin Clothing All By Myself

J. Crew recently put on sale for a whopping $79.99 their "Vintage Splattered Sweatshirt." It sounds just like it looks...they took a new item of clothing, and made it "vintage" by bleaching it, and then carefully splattered it with paint.

I'm not kidding about this...the description details all the "careful" things they did to this sweatshirt to make it "vintage."

I have an idea for J. Crew: how about you just sell a nice sweatshirt, and I'll make it "vintage" all on my own. I'll accidentally bleach it one day because that's what happens with sweatshirts. Then, because I don't care what happens to it once its bleached, I'll paint my room in it, and splatter paint all over it. And you know what the cost of all of that will be? Yep, free free free.

J. Crew, when you destroy clothing, you also destroy my chances of buying it.

Shame on you, J. Crew! Please don't buy this.

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  1. finally you make some sense! good work