Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's A Monet (In A Good Way)

I find it very very hard to spend anything more than, say, $50 on a floral bag. They're just not versatile. Chances are, they will clash with some color or pattern in the outfit you've created for that day, and then you'll reach for your every day bag, or a solid color bag that is perfect for the season.

For those days when you are wearing all white, or all black, or green with a pair of jeans, and you want a patterned bag to make your outfit pop, this one is a great choice. Only $15! I love greens and blues, together, working in a monet-esque harmony. You'll never feel guilt with this bag. If you only wear it twice all summer, who cares? IT WAS FIFTEEN DOLLARS!

Made By: Old Navy

Price: $15.00

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