Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Happy Wednesday, fashionistas!

This week’s Sporty Special focuses on one of the most important purchases an athlete makes: running shoes. Before I continue, let me preface this post with the strong recommendation that any running shoe purchase be preceded by a trip to a trusted running footwear establishment (i.e., not necessarily the Foot Locker in your local mall).

In the Bay Area we have Road Runner Sports and MetroSport, among others. In LA, I’ve had good experiences at a shop called Phidippides. Find a place that comes recommended, go in, have your feet accurately measured and your arches examined, let an experienced employee watch your gait and stride as you run around outside the shop, try on multiple (at least four) pairs of shoes, actually run in them prior to purchase. So many running injuries start with old or poor-fitting footwear, and it’s safe to say there’s nothing stylish about hobbling around for months in orthotics.

That said, I will now pronounce my undying love for Saucony. I’m not sure why it is, but no other running shoe I try on feels so right. It was love at first sprint. I actually feel faster in Saucony shoes. My current Saucony flavor is the Progrid Omni. I’m a moderate pronator, have medium/low arches, and need some stability but hate the feeling of traditional stability shoes (you know, like those clunkers your mother Sweated to the Oldies in). The Progrid air chambers in the heel give extra impact cushion and bring spring to each step.

At Sports Basement, you can score the loves of my pavement-pounding life for $78.00 (down from $110.00).

P.S.: if you’re a light to moderate runner, change out your running shoes every six months. Even if they’re just hanging out on your shoe rack, the cushioning becomes, well, less cushiony regardless of use. If you’re racing around the city on a daily basis, rotate in a new pair every three months or so.

Being street smart starts with your feet! :)

Made By: Saucony

Found At: Sports Basement

Price: $78.00


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