Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SPORTY SPECIAL: Beating Up The (Aqua) Beat!

Hola Fashionistas!

On Saturday mornings following wine-filled Friday eves, or on weeknights after a rough day at the office, I find very little to be more calming and refreshing than swimming laps in my gym’s outdoor pool. Swimming is a wonderful workout that strengthens and elongates nearly every muscle in the body with zero impact to your already stressed-out joints. My only issue with swimming, especially when in a pool rather than in open water, is that lap after lap after lap of staring at the black line on the pool’s floor can get a little monotonous.

Enter the “SwiM”P3. You heard that right; a waterproof MP3 player! I bought my first one a year and a half ago, when they were just coming to the market. Swimmers in the lanes next to mine would first give me a concerned “please don’t electrocute us all” look, and then, once assured of their safety, would follow up with “where did you get that wonderful device?!”

I am now on my second waterproof player, and am a full-fledged addict—two hours in the pool fly by when Jay-Z and Kenny Chesney are rockin’ me through every stroke. (Yes, I have “diverse” musical tastes.) My current device is the Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 player. It stores an impressive 250 MP3 files or 500 WMA files. One charge (via a cable to my laptop) usually lasts me a good three our four long swim sessions, and the device itself is quite small and affixes to the back of my goggle strap. There are basic player functions such as skipping forward or backward a song, and adjusting volume. The device also comes with a pair of decent waterproof headphones.

And now, is offering my beloved underwater rock-out device in pink for a mere $64.51. I have the black version…but I wish it was pink.

Now you too can butterfly to AFI and backstroke to BackStreet! (I can’t resist good deals and bad puns.)

Made By: Speedo

Found On:

Price: $64.51

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