Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Summer Splurge

Ack. $27 is a little too expensive for leggings. But I can't stop looking at them!!!!

They are so pretty...and so perfect for summer! I have a sheer white tunic that would actually match these leggings. Since I know I have something to wear it with, it's not like I'm burning the $27. I guess that's my advice...if you KNOW what you can wear these with, and you love them like I do, then go for it!

Actually, a really interesting style might be to pair these with jean shorts, a tunic-esque shirt tucked in, and some sort of blazer. If you could pull this off, I think that would be a pretty hot look.

Made By: Tulle

Found On: www.lulus.com

Price: $27.00

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