Thursday, June 24, 2010


Welcome to Thursday, fashionistas!

Did you wake up this morning and say to yourself, gee, I’d really like to do the Appalachian trail next month? Or perhaps trek in Yosemite for a week? Or even compete in an adventure race?

Well, first off, I want in! And second, here’s an awesome deal on a pack to stow your sleeping bag and all that bug repellant: a 37-Liter Gregory Arreba women’s technical pack.

This baby features stretch nylon “impregnated” with silicone so it won’t tear under pressure, has capacity for two large water reservoirs and hydration ports so you can get your H2O on, sports front and side mesh pockets to carry the wet clothes you waded through that river in (you will be wading through a river, won’t you?), and even dual ice axe loops, should an ice wall appear on that spur of the moment vacay of yours (always be prepared!).

To top it off, I find the lime green color just plain sexy. Even hotter? The markdown from $149 to $49.93. REI loves you and wants you to be happy :).

Made By: Gregory Areba

Found On:

Price: $49.93 (originally $149.00)

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