Friday, July 23, 2010

HALF-OFF HOTTIE: Flirty Florals

This is my first post at Fashion Deal Diva, and I couldn’t be more excited about sharing top celebrity looks (without the celebrity price tag) with all of you!

Let’s jump right into it with a trend that caught my eye: floral
mini dresses. I’ll be honest, when I thought of the words “floral” and “dress”, I immediately thought “great! we’re turning tablecloths and curtains into dresses now?” but once I saw this trend being worn, I really loved the splash of color and different shapes, all combined into the already-trendy mini dress!

Lauren Conrad in Designer Mara Hoffman’s Print Mini

Non-celebrity price tag alternative....

Made By: ASOS

Price: $37.06

(notes on ASOS: Be sure to check out ASOS’ sizing chart before you buy, and have a measuring tape handy so that you can get accurate measurements in order to select your size correctly (US and UK sizing is different)


  1. Great find! Also, note the difference in make-up between the two looks. I think the model pulls off the floral look a little better here because LC's red lipstick clashes a bit with the reds and pinks in her dress. If you want to work florals, better to go with a softer look for your make-up.

  2. I like the ASOS dress better! Totally agree with BB re makeup.

  3. me too! I love ASOS. I find so many beautiful dresses there!

    Half Off Hottie :)