Friday, July 23, 2010

SPORTY SPECIAL: Serious(ly) Cute Swimwear

Hi Fashionistas!

It may be freezing here in SF, but I’ve heard reports of record heat sweeping most of the country this summer. Temperatures are rising and your running shoes are melting; it’s the perfect time of year to throw yourself into a cool body of water. When it comes to pool and beach attire, the options are endless, and your choice will be informed by whatever activities you plan to do in said body of water. Float in a tube while sipping that Mojito? Sure, your crochet string bikini will keep you company. Swim across a bay, or join a Masters swim team? Perhaps not crochet-bikini’s forte.

I love bikinis when I’m frolicking with friends, tossing a Frisbee on the beach, and working on my “tan” (or more likely my burn – remember you waterproof sunscreen). But when it comes to swim workouts, I don’t want to fear out-swimming my swimsuit. I tend to go with a one-piece for lap swimming, but a one-piece does not have to look like a high school swim team yearbook photo.

Take this Nike one-piece, for example. First, I love that it’s not black or pale blue, which seem to be the uniform colors of “I’m a fitness swimmer” attire. The fuchsia will work splendidly with many different skin tones. Next, I love the stitch detailing around the waist and chest. This swimsuit looks tailored, and the lines are clean and add something interesting to what can easily be a very boring suit. When I saw this swimsuit, I imagined throwing on a pair of slacks and a blazer with the torso of the swimsuit functioning as a shirt. I don’t recommend you replace your work blouses with a swimsuit, but you get my point…this is not your everyday lap suit.

This swimsuit walks that frequently fine line between aqua play and aqua sport. It says “I’m a serious swimmer…a cute and fashionable serious swimmer.” And it will also happily keep you company in a tube with a Mojito, if that’s more your idea of “fitness” swimming :)

Stay cool out there!

Made By: Nike

Price: $29.99 (originally $78.00)

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