Monday, July 19, 2010

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING: Even Snooki Wouldn't Wear These

GAH! Whoa, that just scared me!

This is two sort of trends that were 1) overdone, and then 2) paired together, resulting in a shoe style train collision. I call the zebra and the zipper trend "sort of" trends because they are not mainstream, and they're not particularly big, but in certain ways and on certain items, they work. This item is not one of them.

Both of these trends are popular in the "Jersey Shore" subset of culture that has suddenly gotten hot, but even Snooki has enough sense to know these shoes are a no-go.

Shame on you, L.A.M.B. Please don't buy this.


  1. Oh, see, I HAVE a pair of zebra-print platform heels, courtesy of Target 2006. And I love them to this day. Perhaps I have terrible taste in shoes?

  2. ok, zebra is one thing on its own. The zipper trend is one thing on its own. Together? NO WAY! (Also, zebra can be executed in lots of different ways).

  3. I can relate to Lynn - I own a pair of leopard print platform heels that make me swoon. Though, I imagine if I added buckles or zippers it would turn into a big mess.