Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I recently received a few emails from ladies informing me that I should check out New York & Co. I admittedly have some prejudices against this store, predominantly because for a LONG time, even a zero was too big for me. And it's not because I'm super tiny either (I'm a 4 or a 6 in J. Crew, folks). The clothes were just....way way way way WAY oversized.

Many of you have told me that this problem no longer exists: that NY&Co. has fixed their sizing. Going on my reader recommendations alone, I will recommend these black slacks for petite ladies.

I was drawn to them because of their mid-rise. Is it me, or is it really hard to find a pair of black slacks these days that are not low rise? I don't want to wear low rise at work! It's not a time I'm showing off midriff. It's a time where I need to tuck in button-down shirts and throw on argyle vests...it's not sexy time! So thank you, NY&Co. for making a pair of pants with a normal rise at an affordable price!

Made By: New York & Co.

Price: $44.99

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