Monday, July 19, 2010


Vintage Vixens, let's go shopping!

I love vintage clothing sooooo much! When I was a teenager, shopping in thrift stores and flea markets for vintage clothes gave me power over my wardrobe. I wasn't confined to what everyone was buying at the mall. I could buy clothes and refashion them, adding a belt, or hemming a skirt shorter. I wanted style, great construction, and high-quality fabrics, but I didn't have a lot of money to burn. I discovered vintage, and have never turned back.

This vintage dress is a steal at $8.50! LA Vintage Exchange is handpicked vintage online and in and around Los Angeles weekend markets. Courtney Lowe, the founder, has great style and helps us girls find the greatest vintage pieces at reasonable prices! (Nothing is more discouraging than overpriced vintage.) When things go on sale, it is even better! Her online store is run through Etsy, but read more about the shop at

Buying vintage is all about color, fabric, and measurements. This pink color is cute and summery. The fabric is silk! No sweaty, itchy polyester here. Already you know this dress will feel luxurious. The measurements show that this dress could be a small/medium. Be creative! Imagine it with a belt or scarf. Could it maybe be worn backwards with the buttons undone at the top to show your neck? You could cut it shorter and hem the bottom. Even if you don't have a sewing machine, hem tape (like the kind they give you with Ikea curtains and you iron it on the bottom) is easy to find and easy to use!

The only problem with vintage is also one of the perks: There's only one!

Price: $8.50

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