Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneaky Peaky

A few smart/awesome/wonderful stores do pre-fall sales. And really, why wouldn't you? Lower the price of your brand new shoes, which then entices ladies to buy them, and be the first to sport these new styles. This creates free advertising, as other ladies then run in to buy these new styles at full price. Sounds like a wonderful plan to me for the lucky fashionistas who take advantage of these extra-early sales.

Do you see this Oxford? It's going to be popular. You will want it in September. Buy it NOW for less money WHILE YOU CAN! Otherwise you'll end up buying the same Oxford for the full pricetag of $79.95. Don't be stupid, think ahead!

Made By: Steve Madden

Price: $55.97 (oriignally $79.95)

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