Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Black & White Wedding.

Black and white weddings are not a new idea and I love the look of having all your bridesmaids in black dresses because everyone looks good in black and the pictures look fantastic.

One way to spice up a black dress is with embellishment and detail like these ruffles. You can get away with something like ruffles on a black dress because the color is already subdued and you aren't throwing too much on the dress at once. In the end you have a dress understated enough for a bridesmaid but not so bland that it gets lost in a room full of other LBDs.

Made By: Quotation: 525 America
Price: $118.50 (originally $158.00)


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  1. I had black bridesmaid dresses and it worked out quite well :)