Monday, September 20, 2010


Last week I talked at length about the many wonders of the top-handle handbag. They are great and I hope you all have one already! Now, when you are creating a beautiful and polished fall outfit with the new top-handle handbag, what sort of coat should you wear? Well, since the purse is held at the crook of the elbow, you are open to the wonderful world of CAPES! I really like a good cape. It keeps you warm, and they are perfect for long gloves. They are very ladylike and proper. It's up to you to make it seem fresh and modern! They are tricky to wear because you have to make sure the proportions are right. You can't be drowning in it, but you can't wear one that is too small either! I like capes to hit anywhere from the hip to the mid-thigh. Here are some favorites below.

1940's/50's Vintage Navy Wool Cape w/Burgundy Lining (S/M). Price: $48.00

This cape is perfection!!
I'm showing my hand and revealing my favorite cape first! I love this cape so much. The buttons, the tie, the colors, the length- everything is working.

Vintage Pendleton Cape Womens Small / Medium. Price: $45.00

Pendleton is a great heritage brand with a legacy of amazing plaids and high-quality wool. This is a steal of a deal- it is brand new! Take a look at all the photos. What a find!

Russet Light Weight Cape. Price: $40.00.

This cape is cool because it has slits for your arms to come out, but also pockets to put your hands in. I've found that is a great feature to insure the cape wears as a functional jacket. This gorgeous camel color is straight off the Stella McCartney Fall 2010 runway, and I just saw a version in Zara the other day. Get the high quality without the high price when you buy vintage!

And then I'll get one for my dog!! Capes for everyone!

Walk the Dog...Vintage Woolrich Corduroy Small Dog Cape Coat. Price: $15.00.

Till next time,
xoxo Vintage Vixen

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