Monday, September 27, 2010



Despite sitting here writing during a particularly paralyzing heat wave in Los Angeles, I continue to plan and strategize the perfect fall wardrobe. This week's feature: wide brim hats! The fedora and the floppy wide brim hat are having a moment in popular fashion, and are also widely available in the vintage market. Yay! Hats are definitely a personal thing- you have to figure out which style works best with your face shape, head size, and general style, but when you've found a great one- wow! Get ready to turn heads. Here are a few favorite finds this week:

FEELING LIKE 1932 IN MY1970s gray wool hat. Price: $12.00.

Gray with a black ribbon can be easy-day to night- it is not too fancy and if you like denim or khaki, this hat will be a perfect topper.

Italian Made Vintage Fedora. Price: $28.00.
This hat looks great with this hair!! A style that could look masculine goes feminine in the right color and with the right hair- super sexy!

Caramel Mocha - A Fabulous 1960s Ladies Wool Felt Hat with Feather Accent. Price: $13.00.

Camel wool is a great trend for capes, coats and hats this fall. The feathers and the ribbon make this one absolutely unique and necessary.

Vintage Navy Blue Hat. Price: $12.00.

I like the story behind this French hat. Click through to read details. Would be extra cool if you have a "C" as an initial! Navy goes with everything and is basically a neutral in my mind. Love this hat!

Liz Claiborne (Carmen Sandiego) Purple Wool Felt Hat. Price: $15.00.

I loved playing Carmen Sandiego when I was a kid and always thought she was so cool. Now I can relive my childhood fantasy!! The color and shape of this hat are great. Very modern. Very now.

She's got Style - Vintage Wool Cloche. Price: $15.00.

This cloche has a distinct vintage vibe that could be really charming with the right outfit!

Vintage GRASSY KNOLL Wool Brim Hat. Price: $43.00.

I'm a sucker for a good green. The leather band and perfect condition make this worth the extra few bucks. I see this hat with gray or black or camel. Could be a very versatile winter staple! Your hair can stay snow-free without a hood!

Vintage Burgundy Wool Felt Hat by Lord and Taylor Made in Italy. Price: $29.00.

Italian made vintage wool hats by Lord and Taylor are sure to be a good investment. High quality and classic fashion is soooo worth the $29.00 this hat is listed at! I bet Lord and Taylor could be selling similar styles right now!!

Everyone can wear a hat. You just have to find the right one!

Till next time,
xoxo Vintage Vixen

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