Friday, September 17, 2010


I know I've been neglecting menswear in all these wedding-oriented posts so I am going to try and post groom's wear on Fridays. My groom-to-be doesn't know what he is wearing yet and I've been checking out gray suits.

The charcoal gray suit above is from J.Crew and one thing I love about J.Crew is that they will tailor your suit free with purchase. Not every man wants to wear a tux on the big day and a dark gray suit can look pretty damn hot if it fits right. (Yes, I said "damn hot.")

Made By: J. Crew
Price: Jacket $375, Pants $185



  1. I concur = a fan of the well-tailored, dark gray suit.

  2. That's a great looking suit. I'm a firm believer that just about every man's first suit should be charcoal. It looks good with almost any skin tone, and it's even more versatile than navy (wear to the office, wear it to a party, wear it out on the town, and yes, wear it on your wedding day).

    Two things to be careful about when choosing a wedding suit instead of a wedding tux:
    (1) the groom doesn't want to get upstaged by other attendees who come in tuxes, so make sure it looks just as damn hot as you want it to. Consider a fancier / showier material than you'd ordinarily pick, and add some flair (cufflinks, pocket square, pinstripes, pocket watch, etc); and

    (2) suits are inherently more trendy and less timeless than tuxes. Sure, the powder blue tux is possibly the most dated piece of menswear ever, but 7 times out of 10 if you fit in your dad's tux you'll still look pretty sharp. The precise cut and fit of a suit (and the width of the tie - hello, current skinny tie trend!), on the other hand, makes most suits era-specific. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - just something to consider before eschewing the shiny lapel look.

    Great point about J. Crew's custom tailoring - nothing does more to make a suit look good. I'd rather wear a bespoke cotton suit than an ill-fitting wool/cashmere one. You can get lucky with good fits off the rack, but for the big day it's probably best to be sure.