Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm not the most chest-blessed gal, but I still need a little top support when pulling a downward dog. I have mixed feelings towards sports bras. Strike that: nine times out of ten, I absolutely hate them. Most sports bras are the equivalent of S&M bondage devices; They smoosh and smash and mash and duct tape it all in, constricting my breathing and cutting into my back and shoulders. After years of holding out for "the one," and almost losing hope, I found my match made in undergarment heaven in the unlikeliest of places: Gap.

The Racerback bra by Gap and I have lived in sporty bliss ever since. This bra is not for everyone--I imagine many girls out there need more support than this bra can provide. But if you're on the smallish side like me, and you hate feeling like your sports bra is trying to break your ribs, I can't recommend it highly enough. The racerback stye means the straps hide prefectly behind any racerback tanks. This bra is both seamless and wireless, and the stretch nylon blend provides me the perfect amount of support to keep it under wraps when running or jumping.

At $20 a pop, you can score two of these bras (in white, black, or nude) for the price of one traditional bondage/torture device...I mean...sports bra.

Made By: The Gap

Price: $17.00


  1. I can attest that these are fabulously comfortable and lightweight. Also, if you manage to find colors other than the basics, they're on super-sale. I got an orange one for under $8 just a couple days ago.

  2. I definitely need some of these...with all the bikram I'm doing, I run out of sports bras WAY too fast!!!