Friday, December 31, 2010

COSMETICS CUTIE: Out of Space? Not with this Brush Set!

By Jen

When packing for airline travel, efficiency is important; especially if you’re going to get your carry on luggage into an overhead bin without some serious struggling!  I for one have struggled with packing for quite some time, but when it comes to my make-up, I’m proud to say I’ve become an old pro at making my cosmetics travel proof. 
One of the easiest changes I made was investing in a set of travel brushes.  My all time favorite is a set of 4 duo brushes I picked up at CVS when I was in a bind.  Made by essence of Beauty, these are the ultimate space saving brushes. They come in their own zippered pouch and consist of four double-ended brushes.  There’s a fine-precision brush, a smudge-brow brush, a touch up-conceal brush and a smokey-angle brush.
With their small size and multi-purpose functionality, these brushes will give you one less headache as you complete your holiday travels.  At the very least, they’ll help you start the New Year off right by fulfilling that resolution to become a more organized traveler!
Happy New Year!
Made by: essence of BEAUTY
Found at: CVS
Price: $9.99

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