Friday, December 10, 2010


Now that the weather has cooled down (or frozen, if you live near me) and winter is officially here, it's time to think of coats. I realized this last week, when I spent 10 minutes in front of my coat closet, sorting through the coats I have accumulated through the years, only to realize that, um, I don't own an actual "winter" coat.

It's true.

I'll be honest, I have shied away from winter coats because my image of them was that they aren't stylish. But upon the realization that I just COULD NOT get away with trenches (even if I have one in every color) or cute thin little wool jackets (Let's face it. A jacket is not a coat), I started looking for one of these "puffer jackets". Or "puff jackets". Or whatever name people call these.

I think I'm warming up to them now!

Here's an alternative that won't leave you and your wallet out in the cold (no pun intended)

Calvin Klein Belted Puffer Jacket,, original price $295, on SALE for $99.00!!


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