Friday, December 10, 2010

COSMETICS CUTIE: You better watch out, and Rock that Red Pout!

By Jen

Last week I was told I would need to rock a set of red lips for a performance.  I was mildly terrified because I have stayed away from bright red lipsticks since some bad middle school make-up experimentation.  Clown comparisons were made, and it was not pretty.  I must admit, after the red lipstick transformation I’ve been through this week, I did my self a great disservice by staying away from this trend for so long!  Unfortunately red lipstick is not something you can go and pick out on the fly unless you have some idea of what you want.  As a red lipstick novice, I went on quite a journey.

My saga began at the drugstore.  I popped into my local CVS only to be overwhelmed by the choices.  There was no way to test these colors and holding up a package of lipstick to my face as I tried to find a mirrored surface got old pretty fast.  My next stop was Sephora, which was not much better.  I love Sephora, but if I don’t know exactly what I am looking for, I tend to lose track of my original cause for the trip. A moisturizer purchase later, I left Sephora without my lipstick.
Since I was completely out of my comfort zone, I decided to head to a department store and get some help from a (free) professional.  I eventually made my way to a lovely cosmetologist at the Clinique counter who listened to my familiar dilemma.  She gave me a wonderful education in red lips from blue and orange undertones, to the entire realm of berry and wine tints. We eventually deduced that with my skin tone, an orange undertone would be the way to go.  We eventually narrowed it down to Clinique’s High Impact Lip Colour in “Red-y to Wear." A few sanitizing sprays and a q-tip application later, I was rocking a red pout! I couldn’t get over it and was so happy with the color I wore it around the mall for the rest of day! 
If you’re looking for red lipstick this Holiday Season to wear to that Christmas Party (of course you are!) head over to the department store of your choice during your shopping marathon and give yourself five minutes of pampering at the make-up counter.  You can pick up a color that will not only give you mileage this Holiday Season, but for many night’s out to come.  At $14, this lipstick is a bit more expensive than the drug store brands, but it will be worth your sanity when you’re not stuck with the wrong color!  In addition to the hue, I also love the great moisturizers and the ever-important SPF protection (for daytime red of course!) in this particular lipstick.  Happy lipstick hunting!
Made By: Clinique
Found At: Lord & Taylor
Price: $14.00

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