Tuesday, December 14, 2010

COMFY COQUETTE: Socks that don't fall flat

As much as I hate to admit it, you can't wear ballet flats in the winter without wearing socks or tights. And I personally hate the look of flats without a peak of toe cleavage. So, rather than throw my flats out the window for 3+ months I did what every Comfy Coquette would do and went on the hunt for the perfect trouser sock.

What I especially love about this set by Merona at Target are the 3 textured pairs in nude and brown. The opacity + texture of these three show just the right amount of skin, which allows your flats to stand out, while still ensuring a hint of warmth on cold days. The fit is really nice and tight all the way around as well, so the socks stay up all day and don't create bunching around the toe.

The solid pairs are perfect for boots or oxfords, so at $9 a pack you're getting real bang for your buck (and your shoe closet).

Mady By: Merona @ Target

Price: $9


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