Thursday, December 23, 2010

COSMETICS CUTIE: Sultry, Sexy, Smokey…Eyes

By Jen

There is nothing more glamorous than a smokey eye.  The sultry mix of perfection and imperfection adds an astonishing intensity to any ensemble.  However, my love for the smokey eye did not come easily, in fact I fought it for a long time simply because I struggled with perfecting the application. 
The varying brushes and the choices in shade color alone can make this an overwhelming process.  With that in mind, I decided the only way I would be able to master the smokey eye would be with some guidance.  Enter the smokey eye tutorial kit by Too Faced.
I chose this kit because it contains a variety of smokey palettes and even comes with instructional cards.  It holds three smokey style choices; the darker palette is great for a night out, the brown palette works for day and if you’re looking for something unexpected, the blue and green palette is really fun!  Further, the brush that comes in this kit has a great angled tip for applying eye shadow on the lash line.
If you're not too confident about this make up style, investing in this kit might be just the boost you need!  Before you know it people will be asking you for make up tips!
Made By: Too Faced
Found at: Sephora
Price: $35.00

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