Thursday, December 9, 2010


Holiday parties galore mean great holiday dresses - some of which simply won't work with the usual undergarments. The NuBra is a really great alternative for those with a small to medium size bust. These stick-on cutlets conceal and shape while holding your girls in place, sans straps of any kind.

I was skeptical at first. I mean, does the NuBra really stay on, even while dancing the night away? And what about the whole stick on and peel off process? I assure you - the NuBra is awesome. The adhesive backing keeps the cutlets in place and they last through multiple wearings. Putting them on and peeling them off is really easy as well and not nearly as weird as you'd think.

They're definitely worth a try. You have nothing to lose but visible bra straps or wardrobe malfunctions ;)

Made By: NuBra

Price: $34

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