Friday, February 25, 2011

COSMETICS CUTIE: Keep Those Brows In Line

By Jen

In your make-up arsenal, you have four basic categories: eyes, lips, cheeks and face. Within these labels, your products can get very specific. Liquid vs. pencil eyeliners, cream vs. pressed blush, and even gloss vs. lip stains, the list could go on.
Having started my love affair with make-up around the age of 12 (much to the chagrin of my mother) I thought I developed a pretty good handle on every product I would ever want, that is until I stumbled upon a product that I needed. This came as quite a surprise to me. After years of perfecting my make-up routine, what product could I possibly need without even knowing it? It’s Brow Gel from Anastasia of Beverly Hills.
This is probably a surprising answer, but hear me out. I have pretty unruly brows, and I constantly come across pictures or take a quick peek at myself in the mirror, only to discover that my brows have gone awry! With this gel, they stay in place all day, keeping the attention on me and not a stray brow. This product also lasts without flaking and the brush helps give your brows great definition.
If you never thought about your brows before, or like me had succumbed to the idea that they’ll forever be unruly, give this brow gel a try and you’ll keep those arches on the straight and narrow.
Made by: Anastasia of Beverly Hills
Found at: Sephora
Price: $21

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  1. I love Anastasia! I actually had my eyebrows done by her at their shop, what a fun experience!