Thursday, February 17, 2011

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Designer Alert - Marc By Marc Jacobs

I know some people say "why spend the money on a designer bag if you can't see the label?"  I am in the opposite camp, where over half the time when I see that blinged out label, it's usually a fake (Chinatown, anyone?)  And if you know your bags, and you care about bags, then you can spot those fakes a mile away.

I'm betting that this "chickpea" color is going to be the hot go-to shade for spring, so go ahead....jump on the bandwagon now!

Note that the straps are small, so if you like to carry your bag on your shoulder, you may want to pass on this (but if the bowling bag grip is your thing, go for it!)

Made By: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Found on: Piperlime

Price: $333.79 (originally $470.00)


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