Friday, May 6, 2011

COSMETICS CUTIE: The TLC Your Hair Deserves

By Jen

Last week I had a performance, which meant a long week of rehearsals, complete with plenty of stage makeup and abuse of my hair. Between tightly wound braids, the use of a hot curling iron and about as much mousse and hairspray as I think I’ve ever used, when Monday rolled around, my hair deserved a break. Being kind and understanding, I retired the hairdryer for the week and decided to let my strands flow free. However, in their exhausted state, they needed some help; enter the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment.

I applied this balm to dry hair, combed it through and went to sleep. The next day I noticed a marked difference in the feel and manageability of my hair. My strands were softer and a bad case of out of control frizz died down, leaving me with a happy head of hair. Plus, the balm smells like the best mix of chocolate and coffee, so it’s a treat for the senses as well!

Sometimes we can’t be as kind to our hair as we'd like to be. For many of us, that can even be on a daily basis. If this sounds familiar, give your hair some well deserved TLC. You can be sure that when you’re through with this treatment, all will be forgiven.

Made by: Ojon

Found at: Sephora

Price: $19.50

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