Friday, November 27, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Fashion Bright In Winter White

There is nothing in fashion I am more against than a black winter coat.  Sure, December is full of wondrous holiday joy, but once we hit January, and everyone realizes how much they spent at Christmas, MAN is that depressing.  And if you own a black winter coat, it's not fun to wear.  It's just boring and sad, like the rest of January.  People see you in your black winter coat, and it makes them sadder!  And the whole world walks around in black winter coats, feeling sad sad sad.

But what if you wore a white winter coat?  Or a pink winter coat?  Or a blue winter coat?

In an bright winter coat, each January day would see....brighter!  Other people would look at you and you and your ivory coat would be the bright spot in their drab winter day.  Don't you want to bring joy to the world?  Don't you want to brighten the world?  

I own this coat in a ridiculously bright pink, and I love it.  I bought it with the thinsulate and it's extremely warm.  The fit is great.  It wears amazingly well.  If you need a new coat, don't go plain...get this in the ivory or a bright color.  Being different will make you happy, and I promise, you can pull it off!  And this kind of sale will mean the coat is going to sell out quickly.

Price With Thinsulate: $259.99 (down from $328.00)

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