Saturday, November 28, 2009


After multiple requests for some posts that cater to men's fashions, I have decided to post one menswear item per day, under the heading "Guys Buys."  For the inaugural Guys Buys post, I have decided to go with something every man should have: the polo shirt.

Most guys have at least one polo.  But do you have a RED polo?  Probably not.  Most boys have polos in white, black, blue, and maybe green.  How...muted?  Red is a good color for almost anyone.  Boys: don't be afraid to wear a little color!  As Mystery says in that dating show on VH1, there is no better way to "peacock" than to wear a bright colored shirt.

J.Crew is running a sale on polos.  Normally $39.50, most colors are $24.99, with some at $19.99 and even $9.99.  If you are a polo wearer, this is the time to stock up!


  1. When are you going to start getting commission?

  2. Never! All of the stuff I post is because I like it, not because I'm gonna get paid to post it. All independent and zero influence :)