Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ruffle Your Feathers

I'm sure you've noticed that these days, everyone is wearing feathers.  They are on earrings and dresses and headbands.  I am not against feathers generally, but too often people think that any bunch of feathers slapped on to just any headband in any arrangement is ok to wear with anything you want.  


It has to be the RIGHT arrangement of feathers.  You can't have too many, you can't have too few!  And you have to have the RIGHT embellishments.  And you can't have the wrong combination of feather colors.  Like you don't want peacock feathers with a red rosette, otherwise you'll look like some sort of homage to Christmas themed birds.

I can't tell you how many feather headbands I looked through to find one I really liked.  And then when I found this one featured here, I found that the creator, Holly G. Hargrove, had a good understanding of how to best work with feathers.  Her Etsy page is full of wonderful feather headbands.

This wonderfully classy accent piece is only $10.00 ($5 shipping).  Wear it to jazz up a white t-shirt and jeans.

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