Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dressy Jeans

I know it's pretty much acceptable to wear a nice, no-rips, well tailored pair of jeans just about everywhere. But sometimes, I feel regular old blue jeans are just...well...not dressy enough. Even the expensive designer blue jeans. But I love jeans! I feel most comfortable in jeans.

Enter: Levi's {Capital E} Low Rise Skinny Jean, in black. Dressy black skinny jeans ready to be paired with a flashy ballet flat or a bright colored stiletto. Look dressy and feel comfy all at the same time.

You're thinking: "Black jeans fade if you wash them too much!"
My response: You wash your jeans often? I don't. I hate stretching them out again. The jeans won't fade.

You also could be thinking:
"Oh no no, skinny jeans just aren't for me. I don't look good in them."
My response: First off, you're wrong. But more importantly, have you tried them in black, the most slimming color possible? It might change your feelings on the all evil skinny jean.

There is a phenomenal sale on the jeans. They have been marked down from $158.00 to $99.90, with free shipping. And if you spend over $100, you get $20 off, spend over $175 and get $50 off, you get the picture.

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