Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Maybe you watch the show "Lost." Maybe you don't. I am 100% obsessed with it. There are lots of spoilers in this lost-themed fashion post, so if you are on, say, season 3...you should stop reading!

ModCloth introduced their "Dharma" dress today, complete with lost-esque description. It's a stunning blue, just like the color of the water surrounding the magical island.

This dress is perfect for running from smokey, or the others! Honestly, who knows who is good and who is bad anymore? The dress is good for running, period!

What this dress needs is a belt! Check with Sawyer to see if he has a cute ladies belt in his stash of goodies, and be prepared to trade something nice to get it!

This dress is perfect for Juliet...too bad she's dead now. Also good for Penny (nothing like a new frock to make Desmond go ga-ga!) And Charlotte (but she'd nosebleed all over it and that would be GROSS!) I would say its good for Claire, but she is a crazy b*tch now, no new dresses for her!

It's the perfect day dress...made for the temperate island weather.

Made By: ModCloth

Price: $79.99

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